Adler Mannheim vs. ERC Ingolstadt 4:3 (in Penalties) (1:2, 1:1, 1:0, 0:0, 1:0)


Adler beat Ingolstadt 4:3 in Penalties

Goals from Ross, Oblinger and Laliberte put the guests from Ingolstadt in the lead at the start of the Second period 3:1 – Ken Magowan scored the first Adler goal with Glumac and Mauer scoring to tie it 3:3, in Penalty Shots Mannheim’s Mitchell and Mauer were the loan goal scorers.

After only one minute Jared Ross gave the guests the lead. Mannheim re-acted as Yannic Seidenberg (twice, 3 minute) and Doug Janik (5 minute) as well as Ronny Arendt (8 minute) tested Ingolstadt’s keeper Ian Gordon.

Adler Goalie, Dennis Endras displayed his skills in the 14 minute when Greilinger and Hager appeared together before his goal. Three minutes later the new Adler Goalie was helpless, with Florian Kettemer in the box, Alexander Oblinger landed the second shot in the Adler goal.

On a Mannheim man-advantage Ian Gordon gloved down a slap-shot from Frank Mauer (18 minute) but shortly thereafter the puck found its way into the back of the Panther net as Ken Magowan scored the first goal for the Adler.

Again in the Second the Panther scored an early goal as Laliberte brought the Ingolstadt lead to 1:3. The Adler, thank Goalie Dennis Endras, did not fall any further behind in the second. Mannheim did not start playing offensively until the end of the period. Gordon held against Matthias Plachta in the 37 minute on an Adler power-play but two minutes later Mike Glumac shortened the Panther lead to 2:3.

After the second break Trainer Harold Kreis’s team dominated the start of the third. Frank Mauer tied the game at three on an assist from Ronny Arendt during a counter. Mannheim continued to apply pressure on Gordon but were unable to put the puck in the net. There were chance for both teams to score in the overtime, including on power-plays but the game remain tied and went into penalties. Mitchell and Mauer scored to decide the game in favor of the Adler.

Ingolstadts John Laliberte against Dennis Endras and Corey Mapes.

ERC Ingolstadt vs. Adler Mannheim 4:2 (1:1, 2:1, 1:0)


Adler lose close game to Ingolstadt

Following the two loses this past weekend against Faerjestad and Froelunda the Adler were still unable to pick up any points in Ingolstadt. The Adler lost to their DEL rival 2:4 (1:1, 1:2, 0:1). Both Adler goals were scored with a man-advantage, one by Frank Mauer and the other by Christoph Ullmann.

The Adler’s fifth game of this year’s European Trophy was played against league rival ERC Ingolstadt. Both teams started the first period with a high tempo and had plays worth seeing. The teams as well as the score were equal after the first period. The Adler had a few hard minutes after Ingolstadt scored the go ahead goal but were able to quickly find their way back into the game. On a power-play just before the break, Frank Mauer tied the score at one. Steve Wagner earned the assist with his pass to Mauer on the far post.

In the second period the Panther started anew with a high tempo and pressure on the Adler goal. The team from trainer, Rich Chernomaz was able to take an early lead on a shot from Derek Hahn, which was followed by a goal from Joe Motzko to widen the lead. The Adler shortened the lead with a power-play goal from Christoph Ullmann.

Ingolstadt continued on in the final period with an extremely high tempo, which was matched by the Adler but Tyler Bouck scored the 4:2 for Ingolstadt. The Adler were unable to create enough pressure on the Ingolstadt goal. Their best chance came from Craig MacDonald on a rebound, but his shot not only went over a sprawled out Ian Gordon it also went over the net. As time wound down the Adler tried adding an extra attacker for goalie Dennis Endras but to no avail.

Forward Yanick Lehoux can't score against Froelunda.

Adler Mannheim vs. Froelunda Indians 1:3 (0:2, 0:0, 1:1)


Adler lose to Froelunda

6,435 fans watched the second Adler loss in as many days as the Adler lost their second home game of the European Trophy, 1:3 (0:2, 0:0, 1:1)to the Froelunda Indians. The lone Adler goal was shot by Mike Glumac with a Power-Play goal at the start of the final period.

Early in the first period it was obvious to see that the Adler had played a game the night before while Froelunda had enjoyed a free day. The Swedish team knew how to take advantage of the situation and after an early goal, from Axelsson in the 2 minute were able to create more chances. Felix Brueckmann in goal for the Adler stood confident and was able to defend against multiple shots on goal but was helpless in the 17 minute as Axellson had an open shot and brought his team a 2:0 lead.

In the second period the Adler improved on their game, checking in the offensive zone and disrupting Forelunda’s formations. Once again the team from trainer Harold Kreis had a hard time hitting the goal. Patrick Galbraith, who helped the Adler out during last year’s European Trophy, stood strong for the Indians and kept his cage clear of goals.

During the last period things broke loose and Mike Glumac scored the 1:2. Unfortunately the Adler could not add any further energy and Froelunda brought the game quickly back under their control. In the 52 minute Anton Axellson scored his second goal of the afternoon bringing the score to a final end stand of 3:1 for the Indians.

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