Brandon Yip scored his first goal for the Adler on Wednesday night.

Adler Mannheim vs. Straubing Tigers 3:0 (0:0, 1:0, 2:0)


Endras With Shut-Out Over Straubing

In a somewhat hectic game it took Mannheim until late in the Second Period to get on the board against the next to last ranked Straubing Tigers. Goal scorers for Mannheim were Brandon Yip, Ronny Arendt, and Matthias Plachta. The victory over the Tigers guaranteed Mannheim the top spot in the DEL Rankings for the season. Dennis Endras not only earned his sixth shut-out of the season on Wednesday night but he was also honored as Player of the Month for the month of February.

Straubing had the better start in the game with multiple good chances on goal in the First Period but were unable to get a shot passed Dennis Endras, in goal for Mannheim. Mannheim produced little in the way of chances on the other end of the ice and the game remained scoreless at the end of the First.

The Second Period was very similar to the First but Brandon Yip was able to score less than two minutes before the end of the Period to put the Adler in the lead, 1:0 (39 minute). Mannheim was able to control most of the Third Period. Ronny Arendt increased Mannheim’s lead by one, 2:0 (49 minute) and just over a minute later Matthias Plachta added to the lead, 3:0 (51 minute). Mannheim switched to a more defensive game following the third goal and were able to save the shut-out for Endras and cement their spot in first place for the regular season. The Three Stars of the Game were all from Mannheim. First Star was Dennis Endras, Second Star Brandon Yip, and Third Star Nikolai Goc.

Mannheim has two games remaining prior to the play-offs. Both of their upcoming opponents are potential opponents in the play-offs. On Friday night they will be in Wolfsburg to play against the seventh ranked Grizzly Adams. They will return home on Sunday, 1 March to host the eighth ranked Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers. The puck is scheduled to drop at 14:30.

Krefeld Penguin vs. Adler Mannheim 5:2 (1:0, 1:2, 3:0)


2:5 Loss in Krefeld

The Adler suffered a 2:5 loss to the Penguin on Sunday evening in Krefeld. Unavailable to the Adler due to injury on Sunday were Glen Metropolit and Sinan Akdag. Marcus Kink and Brandon Yip were also not available as they are currently serving suspensions. Kai Hospelt scored twice for Mannheim while Joel Perrault, Tyler Beechey, Istvan Sofron, Christian Kretschmann, and Nicolas St. Pierre had a goal apiece for Krefeld.

The 4,849 fans in Krefeld’s Koenig PALAST saw an evenly matched and somewhat hectic First Period. There were few chances on goal in the first 15 minutes of play but then Joel Perrault gained control of the puck in the Adler defensive zone and was able to beat Adler Net Minder, Youri Ziffzer to give Krefeld the lead, 1:0 (15 minute).

The Adler were able to find their rhythm at the start of the Second with Kai Hospelt scoring early in the Period to tie the score, 1:1 (22 minute). Three minutes later Hospelt scored again to give Mannheim the lead, 1:2 (25 minute). Both team then began to create good chances on goal and late in the Period Tyler Beechey retied the score, 2:2 (37 minute).

Mannheim had a good start into the Third Period with a few good shots on goal but it was Krefeld’s Istvan Sofron that scored a Power-Play goal at the midway point of the Period to retake the lead, 2:3 (50 minute, man-advantage). The momentum had switched to Krefeld and with just under three minutes to play, Christian Kretschmann was able to build on the Penguin’s lead, 4:2 (58 minute). Mannheim then pulled Ziffzer for a sixth attacker but Nicolas St. Pierre dashed all hopes of a comeback with a rink long empty netter, 5:2 (60 minute, empty net). The Three Stars of the Game were First Star Tomas Duba (Krefeld), Second Start Kai Hospelt (Mannheim), and Third Star Daniel Pietta (Krefeld).

The Adler return home to the SAP Arena on Wednesday, 25 February to host the Straubing Tigers. The puck is scheduled to drop at 19:30.

Adler Mannheim vs. Düsseldorf EG 3:4 O.T. (0:0, 2:1, 1:2, 0:1)


O.T. Loss to the DEG

The Adler lost a close game on home ice Friday night to the DEG by a score of 3:4. Adler goal scorers were Matthias Plachta, Martin Buchwieser, and Kai Hospelt. Ken Andre Olimb, Kurt Davis, Travis Turnbull, and Alexander Thiel all had a goal apiece for the DEG.

The 13,600 fans in the sold out SAP arena saw a weakened Adler team. Mannheim was playing without the injured Jochen Hecht, Sinan Akdag, Jamie Tardif, and Glen Metropolit. They were also forced to play without the suspended Marcus Kink and Brandon Yip. It was difficult for the Adler to find a rhythm while being short six players. Neither team created much in the way of chance on goal in the First and what they did manage to put on goal were all denied by the two Net Minders. The game remained scoreless going into the first break.

In the Second Period Mannheim start to create some good chance on goal but it was Düsseldorf’s Ken Andre Olimb that scored first, 0:1 (22 minute). Three minutes later Matthias Plachta answered for Mannheim and tied the score, 1:1 (25 minute). The Adler then had a chance on a double Power-Play but were unable to capitalize on their two-man-advantage situation. Shortly after the expiration of the second DEG penalty Martin Buchwieser scored to put the Adler in the lead, 2:1 (36 minute).

The DEG were able to turn the tide in the Third Period as Kurt Davis scored early in the Period to tie the game, 2:2 (52 minute) and less than two minutes later Travis Turnbull scored a short-handed goal to put the DEG in the lead, 2:3 (54 minute, short-handed). Mannheim pulled Goalie Dennis Endras for a sixth attacker with just over a minute left in regulation. Kai Hospelt scored with less than a minute left to play tying the score and guaranteeing Mannheim at least one point.

During the Sudden Death Overtime Period Frank Mauer rang s shot off of the post of the DEG goal but Alexander Thiel had better luck on the other end as he scored to give the DEG the victory, 3:4 (64 minute). The Three Stars of the Game were all from Düsseldorf. First Star was Daniel Fischbuch, Second Star Ken Andre Olimb, and Third Star Shawn Belle.

Mannheim will be on the road on Sunday, 22 February in Krefeld to play against the Pinguins. The game will be televised on Servus TV, starting at 17:45. The Adler will return home to the SAP Arena on Wednesday, 25 February to host the Straubing Tigers. The puck is scheduled to drop at 19:30.

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