Adler Mannheim vs. EHC Red Bull Munich 4:0 (2:0, 1:0, 1:0)


Adler Defeat Munich, 4:0 Remain Undefeated in the DEL at Home

The Adler once again defended their number one ranking in the DEL by shutting-out the second Ranked EHC Red Bull Munich. The Adler also remain undefeated on home ice in the current DEL season. Dennis Endras earned his second home-game shutout in a row. Marcus Kink, Matthias Plachta, Glen Metropolit, and Robert Raymond all scored for Mannheim. Adler Top Scorer, Glen Metropolit was involved in all four goals.

The game between the two top ranked teams started out as expected, hard played with a fast tempo. Mannheim Captain Marcus Kind drew first blood with only 40 seconds played, 1:0 (1 minute). Shortly thereafter Munich went on their first Power-Play of the night but were unable to score. The momentum seemed to swing to the Red Bull and they created the better chances throughout a good portion of the First. Three quarters of the way through the Period, with Munich Short-Handed, Matthias Plachta increased Mannheim’s lead, 2:0 (16 minute, man-advantage). The game swung back and forth for the rest of the Period but Dennis Endras, in goal for Mannheim, and Niklas Treutle, in goal for Munich prevented any further scoring.

Munich started the Second Period with a strong Power-Play but were still unable to get past Endras. The chances on goal started to slow down but the play on the ice intensified. Around the halfway point of the game, Jamie Tardif rang a shot of the post and Glen Metropolit picked up the rebound and scored, 3:0 (32 minute).

At the start of the Third Period, Mannheim had multiple chances on the Power-Play but were unable to score. On Mannheim’s third Power-Play of the Period Christopher Fisher fouled Munich’s Garrett Roe. Roe was on a breakaway situation. Roe was awarded a Penalty-Shot but Endras held. A short time later, with the Adler still on the Power-Play, Robert Raymond scored for Mannheim, 4:0 (56 minute, man-advantage). Marcus Kink was awarded a Penalty-Shot late in the Period but Treutle held. The score remained Mannheim four, Munich Zero at the final horn. The three Stars of the game were all from Mannheim, First Star was Glen Metropolit, Second Star was Dennis Endras, and the Third Star was Marcus Kink.

The Adler will be on the road on Sunday, 12 October to play their rivals, the Schwenninger Wild Wings. The game is scheduled for 17:45 and will be broadcast on German free TV by Servus TV. Mannheim will return home to the SAP Arena on Friday, 17 October to host the Dusseldorf EG (DEG) the puck is scheduled to drop at 19.30.

Straubing Tigers vs. Adler Mannheim 1:5 (0:2, 0:1, 1:2)


Adler Win in Straubing 5:1

Following their 5:1 victory in Straubing the Adler remain on top of the rankings in the DEL and have won their sixth game in a row. Jamie Tardif, Jochen Hecht (3x), and Matthias Plachta scored for the Adler. Blaine Down scored the lone goal for Straubing.

The Adler started the game against the last ranked Straubing Tigers with a high tempo. From the start on they applied pressure on Dustin Strahlmeier, in goal for Straubing. The Tigers did not take long to find their way into the game and start creating chances against Adler Goalie, Dennis Endras. Both teams continued to create their own chances but it was Jamie Tardif that scored first to put Mannheim in the lead, 0:1 (11 minute). The Tigers continued to have good chances on goal but were stopped by Endras. Two and a half minutes after Tardif’s goal, Jochen Hecht scored his first of the evening, 0:2 (13 minute). The Adler took the two point lead into the First Break.

The Adler started the Second Period shorthanded but their penalty-kill was effective and the Tigers were unable able to create any real danger on their power-play. After killing the Straubing power-play the Adler began to gain more and more control of the game. Jochen Hecht increased the Adler’s lead with his second goal of the night, 0:3 (27 minute). The Tigers were still able to create multiple chances on goal but were held by Endras.

The Third Period was similar to the Second with the Adler dominating the ice. Jochen Hecht earned a Hat Trick with his third goal of the evening, 0:4 (46 minute, man-advantage). Just over a minute later Blaine Down scored for Straubing, 1:4 (47 minute). Mannheim was quick to answer with Matthias Plachta scoring less than a minute later, 1:5 (48 minute). The three “Stars of the Game” were all from Mannheim, First Star Jochen Hecht, Second Star Robert Raymond, and Third Star Dennis Endras.

The Adler remain on the road on Wednesday, 8 October with a Champions Hockey League game in Prague. They will return home to the SAP Arena on Friday, 10 October to host the second ranked EHC Red Bull Munich. The puck is scheduled to drop at 19.30.

Adler-Mannheim vs. Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers 4:0 (1:0, 1:0, 2:0)


Alder Win in Nürnberg 4:0 – Remain Number One in DEL

Mannheim defended their number one ranking in the DEL on Friday night with a 4:0 victory in Nürnberg. Jon Rheault (2x), Marcus Kink, and Christopher Fischer all scored for the Adler and Dennis Endras earned his first Shut-Out of the season. Dominik Bittner and Mirko Hoefflin were both healthy scratches.

Early in the First Period both teams had a player in the box, resulting in two minutes of four-on-four hockey. The Adler established their dominance during the four-on-four phase but were unable to create any good chances on goal. The Ice Tigers developed good chances while on the Power-Play in the seventh minute of play but were unable to find a solution for Adler Keeper, Dennis Endras. Midway through the Period, Jon Rheault had possession of the puck when a Nürnberg Defender knocked the puck away and it slid into the Ice Tiger’s Goal, as the defender collide with his own goalie, 1:0 (10 minute). The Adler had multiple good chances on goal in the remainder of the First but Jochen Reimer, in goal for Nürnberg, was able to prevent any further damage.

During an Adler Power-Play in the Second Period Jon Rheault picked up a rebound off a shot from Richmond and put it past Reimer, 2:0 (26 minute, man-advantage). The ice Tigers had their strongest phase around the mid way point of the Second. They pinned the Adler in their defensive zone and created good chances on goal but were still unable to find a way past Endras. The Adler held their two point lead going into the second break.

Nürnberg was unable to find their way back into the game in the Third. Marcus Kink scored three minutes into the Period, 3:0 (44 minute). Midway through the Period the Ice Tigers had two players in the box on minor penalties, resulting in a Double-Power-Play for Mannheim. Christopher Fisher scored his first goal of the season to bring the final score to 4:0 (50 minute, two-man-advantage). All three “Stars of the Game” were from Mannheim, First Star Dennis Endras, Second Star Jon Rheault, and Third Star Denis Reul.

The Adler will be on the road in Straubing on Sunday, 5 October. They will remain on the road on Wednesday, 8 October in Prague to play a Champions Hockey League game. They will return home to the SAP Arena on Friday, 10 October to host the Number two ranked EHC Red Bull Munich. The puck is scheduled to drop at 19.30.

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