Adler Mannheim vs. Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg 7:3 (1:1, 3:1, 3:1)


Adler Beat Wolfsburg 7:3

On Sunday afternoon the Adler won their second home game of the weekend by a score of 7:3. It was Mannheim’s third win in four DEL games.

After the win on Friday night against Iserlohn the Adler were looking to advance farther up in the DEL rankings with a win over Wolfsburg. The team had a dream start with Glen Metropolit scoring with just 77 seconds played in the First, 1:0 (2 minute). That goal made Metropolit, Mannheim’s oldest goal scorer in their DEL history. Wolfsburg had a few chances early but Dennis Endras, in goal for Mannheim held. Matt Dzieduszycki was able to tie the score on a Wolfsburg Power-Play, 1:1 (7 minute, man-advantage). Both teams continued to create chances in the First but the score remained tied at one going into the first break.

The Second Period was not as balanced as the First. The Adler gained control of the game early in the Period. Sinan Akdag put the Adler back in the lead, 2:1 (27 minute), it was a lead that they would not relinquish for the remainder of the game. Less than two minutes later Steve Wagner increased the Adler’s lead with a Power-Play Goal, 3:1 (29 minute, man-advantage). Wolfsburg continued to fight and 40 seconds later were able to cut the Adler’s lead by one, thanks to a goal by Sebastian Fruchner, 3;2 (29 minute). Not to be out done by Wolfsburg’s quick goal, Matthias Plachta scored a little less than a minute later, while on the Power-Play for the Adler, 4:2 (30 minute, man-advantage).

The Grizzly Adams was once again able to cut the Adler lead down to one during a Power-Play situation early in the Third on a goal from Mark Voakes, 4:3 (46 minute, man-advantage) but that was to be the last goal for Wolfsburg. With just over half of the Third played Christoph Ullmann scored for the Adler, 5:3 (52 minute). Down by two Wolfsburg pulled their Goalie for a sixth attacker with just over two minutes remaining in regulation. Marcus Kink scored an empty-netter for the Adler, 6:3 (58 minute, empty-net) and with just under a minute left Frank Mauer increased the Adler’s lead to four, 7:3 (60 minute). The score remained 7:3 at the final horn. The three stars of the game were all from Mannheim. The first star was Glen Metropolit, the second Matthias Plachta, and the third Jamie Tardif.

The Adler remain at home for their next two home games. Tuesday, 23 September they will host Sparta Prag for a Champions Hockey League game. The puck is scheduled to drop at 19.30. They will also be home on Friday, 26 September for a DEL game against the Cologne Haie. Game time is also 19.30.

Adler Mannheim vs. Iserlohn Roosters 4:3 (0:1, 2:2, 2:0)


Mannheim Has Come From Behind Win Against Iserlohn, 4:3

It was a breath taking hockey evening in the SAP Arena, the fans watched the Adler turn a three point deficit into a come from behind victory. The Adler scored the tying goal with less than three minutes to play and the go ahead goal with only 19 seconds left on the clock to defeat the Iserlohn Roosters by a score of 4:3.

It was the Adler’s second home game win of the regular season as well as their second home game of the season. Iserlohn drew first blood on a goal from Brooks Macek with just over a minute played, 0:1 (2 minute). The Adler did not let the Roosters early lead throw them of their game and continued to put pressure on Mathias Lange, in goal for Iserlohn. Lange had an outstanding evening holding 51 shots in the game and all shots on goal in the First Period.

The Adler started the Second where they left off in the First, applying pressure on the Rooster’s goal but they were still unable to find a way to get the puck past Lange. Derek Whitmore was able to build on the Iserlohn lead in the eighth minute of the Period, 0:2 (28 minute) and just four minutes later Ryan Button scored on a Double-Power-Play to increase the lead to three, 0:3 (31 minute, two-man-advantage). It took the Adler a few minutes to recover from the shock but then they found their way back into the game. It was Danny Richmond that finally put the Adler on the board, 1:3 (35 minute). The Adler were now back in business and the fans were singing their support from the stands, attempting to drive their team forward. With just 14 seconds left in the Period Matthias Plachta brought the Adler to within one, 2:3 (40 minute).

The Adler were just as strong in the Third continuing to build good chances on goal but continuing to have a problem getting past Lang. Jamie Tardif tied the score with just under three minutes in regulation, 3:3 (58 minute). One could feel the tension lift from the SAP Arena as people thought the game was headed into overtime. The people that thought that were wrong, with only 19 seconds left in regulation Jon Rheault scored the go ahead goal for Mannheim on a super assist from Glen Metropolit, 4:3 (60 minute). The three stars of the game were; First Star, Ryan Button (Iserlohn), Second Star Matthias Plachta (Mannheim), and Third Star Mathias Lange (Iserlohn).

The Adler remain at home in the SAP Arena for their next three games. Sunday, 21 September they face off against the Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg. The puck is scheduled to drop at 14.30. Tuesday 23 September at 19.30 they host a Champions League game against Sparta Prag. Friday, 26 September they will play against the Cologne Haie. Game time is scheduled for 19.30.

Krefeld Pinguine vs. Adler Mannheim 5:2 (1:0, 2:0, 2:2)


Adler Lose to Krefeld 2:5

The Adler suffered their first loss of the Season on Sunday afternoon in Krefeld to the Pinguine 2:5.

The Adler started the game strong but were unable to capitalize on early mistakes by Krefeld. Following two luckless power-plays by the Adler, Krefeld had their first chance at a man-advantage situation. Kyle Sonnenburg was able to take advantage of Mannheim being short-handed and shot Krefeld into the lead, 1:0 (13 minute, man-advantage). Following the go ahead goal the Pinguine started to control more and more of the game and were able to take the one point lead into the first break.

The Adler were unable to find their rhythm in the Second Period due to spending too much time in the Penalty box. Dennis Endras kept the score close for most of the Period but Krefeld was able to score twice in the last three minutes of the Period, 2:0 through Daniel Pietta (38 minute)and 3:0 through Nick St. Pierre (40 minute, man-advantage).

Danny Richmond brought the Adler within two, 3:1 (48 minute) but less than two minutes later Herberts Vasiljevs restored the three point lead for Krefeld, 4:1 (50 minute). The Adler pulled Endras for a sixth attacker with just over three minutes to play but Pietta scored an empty netter tallying his second goal of the night, 5:1 (58 minute, empty-net). Martin Buchwieser scored for the Adler with three seconds remaining on the clock to give the Adler a cosmetic change in the final score, 5:2 (60 minute).

The Adler return home to the SAP Arena on Friday, 19 September to host the Iserlohn Roosters the puck is scheduled to drop at 19:30. The Adler will remain home for three additional games, Sunday, 21 September vs. the Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg (game time is 14:30), Tuesday 23 September vs. Sparta Prague, and Friday 26 September against the Cologne Haie both games are scheduled for 19.30.

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