The Adler Sign Young Blood for the Future – Lehr Planned Number One in Heilbronn


The Adler have signed Kevin Maginot, Florian Proske, and Dominik Tiffels. The three young talented players will be assigned to the Adler’s Cooperation Club the Heilbronn Falken (Falcon) for the 2014-2015 Season so they can gain experience in the German Second League (DEL 2). Philip Lehr, third Goalie for the Adler played for Heilbronn last year and has gained a lot of experience and is developing into a strong Net-Minder. Lehr is also a “Foerderlizenzspieler” for Mannheim; this means he has the ability to be called up to the Adler as needed, similar to the North American farm team players.

Florian Proske will be the Backup-Goalie for Philip Lehr. He is 17 years old and a product of the ES Weisswasser and moved to the DNL Team, The Young Adler in 2011.

Dominik Triffells is a 20 year old Defender, he has played for the young teams in Krefeld, Cologne, Mannheim and 2012 played three games in the German Third League for the EC Bad Nauheim. Last year he played n the North American Junior League for the Minnesota Wilderness.

Kevin Maginot is A 19 year old, Winger that has worked his way through all of the Adler’s Youth Programs and has played for the Junior German League in Bad Nauheim.

Champions Hockey League – Where Europe Comes to Play


Starting in August 2014, 44 Clubs in the newly created Champions Hokey League (CHL) will battle for the European Hockey Crown. Participants will be the 26 Founding Clubs from Austria, The Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany along with twelve qualifying Clubs from those six Countries. An additional six Wild Card Teams from Norway, Great Britain, Denmark, Frances and Slovakia are also included in the tournament. The Teams will battle in eleven groups between 21 August and 7 October to reach the single elimination round.

The single elimination round is played in a K.O. system, the group of 16 games are scheduled for 4/11 November, the Quarterfinals are 2/9 December, The Semifinals are 13/20 January. The listed dates are for both a home and away game. The Championship game is scheduled for 3 February 2015 and is a one game winner take all match.

From Germany the Founding Clubs the Adler Mannheim, the Eisbären (Polar Bear) Berlin, the ERC Ingolstadt, and the Krefeld Pinguine will all take part in the tournament as well as the Hamburg Freezers (as the First Place Team at the end of the Regular Season) as well as the Cologne Haie (Sharks) (DEL Finalist last season).

More information over the Champions Hockey League, including statistics can be found under http://www.championshockeyleague.net

All CHL game dates for the Adler as well as the statistics and game reports can be found under spielplan on the Adler homepage.

Adler Introduce New Trainer


“The long wait is finally over” said Adler Boss Daniel Hopp. He then introduced Geoff Ward, who has been the Assistant Trainer for the Boston Bruins for the last seven years, as the new Trainer the Adler Mannheim. He replaces Hans Zach as Head Trainer for the Adler and has signed a three year contract.

“The search for a Trainer is always a long process that involves many different factors. We were looking for a Trainer that knows how to make individual players better, one that can form a team, and one that has the passion for the daily business.” Answered Adler Manager Teal Fowler when asked which criteria was used during the search for a new Trainer He also stated that Ward’s NHL experience meant a lot and could help in the search for new players and with his good reputation he has developed many contacts.

Ward while under the Bruins was mainly responsible for the Power-Play and the offense. During the Press Conference he appeared pleased with his new position with the Adler and said “ He was happy to accept the challenge and work with the team. The Adler are not only known nationally but Europe wide, a famous Club with a very strong fan base.

With Geoff Ward the Adler not only got their dream Trainer but also a Trainer that stands for the Collective in the fore ground. To end the Press Conference Ward stated “of course there will be changes but we will discuss those together as a team. My goal is to develop a Team that is hard to play against, that believe in themselves, that trust in one another, and that work for each other.

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