Adler Mannheim vs. Cologne Haie 2:1 OT (0:1, 1:0, 0:0, 0:0, 1:0)


The Adler Win Game Three, Cut Cologne’s Lead in Half

Both teams gave it their all in Game Three of the Best of Seven Quarter Finals series. Cologne started out with a lightning fast goal by Chris Minard just 47 seconds into regulation. Jon Rheault tied the score in the Second Period and Simon Gamache had the game winner for Mannheim in the second Overtime Period.

The 13,600 fans in the sold out SAP Arena were in shock when the Haie took the lead on their first scoring chance just 47 seconds into the First Period. Chris Minard scored on a slap shot that got past Adler Goalie Felix Brueckmann, 0:1 (1 minute). The early goal destroyed Mannheim’s self confidence and kept them from finding their way into the game. Cologne caused massive amounts of pressure on the Adler Goal, creating multiple chances to increase their lead but the Adler Defense managed to hold off the attacks and made it to the first break down only by one.

The Adler came back onto the ice for the Second Period with a little more confidence and slowly worked their way back into the game. Jon Rheault tied the game on assist from Gamache just halfway through the Period, 1:1 (32 minute). The goal gave the Adler new life and they were able to use the momentum to match the intensity of the Haie. Despite good chances on both sides no other goals fell during regulation and the teams moved into Sudden Death Overtime for the second time in as many games.

In the 72 minute of play Adler Goalie Felix Brueckmann went down injured and laid for several minutes on the ice while being treated. Dennis Endras replaced the injured Brueckmann, he had no time to warm up and was under fire from the first minute he entered the game. The Haie could smell blood and attempted to take advantage of the situation and earn their third win in the series, but Endras held through this phase and the first Overtime Period ended scoreless. Just over a minute and a half into Double Overtime, Jon Rheault had a chance on goal that was blocked by Danny aus den Birken (in goal for Cologne), Simon Gamache picked up the rebound and put the puck home to give the Adler their first win in the best of seven series, 2:1 (82 minute).

Cologne is leading the series 2:1 and the Adler will be traveling to Cologne to play in game four on Sunday Afternoon. The puck is scheduled to drop at 14:30. The Adler will return home to the SAP Arena on Wednesday, 26 March for game five of the series. Game time is 19:30.

Cologne Haie vs. Adler Mannheim 3:2 OT (0:0, 2:1, 0:1, 1:0)


Adler Lose Game Two, Cologne with Two Game Lead

In another nerve racking game, Mannheim had an unlucky loss to Cologne, 2:3 in Sudden Death Overtime. Kai Hospelt put the Adler in the lead but Andreas Falk and Rob Collins turned the tide putting Cologne in the lead. Kai Hospelt tied the game in the Third Period sending it into Sudden Death Overtime. Andreas Falk scored the game winner in the 79 minute to give the Haie a two game lead in the best of Seven Quarter Finals series.

As on Sunday both teams started the game with a strong defense. Goalies Dennis Endras (Adler Mannheim) and Danny aus den Birken (Cologne Haie) started again for their respective teams and despite some good chances on both ends they kept the opposing team scoreless in the First Period.

The Second Period started with Cologne on the Power-Play. Chris Minard had a super chance for Cologne but was unable to hit the net, that scene set the standard for the Period. Both teams were dangerous while having a man-advantage. Kai Hospelt put the Adler on top during a Mannheim Power-Play, 0:1 (28 minute, man-advantage). Andreas Falk tied the score on a Haie Power-Play eight minutes later, 1:1 (36 minute, man-advantage). Three minutes later Rob Collins put Cologne in the lead, when he took the puck top shelf past Denis Endras, 2:1 (39 minute).

The Haie pretty well shut down their Defensive Zone during the Third Period allowing the Adler few chances on goal. It took until midway through the Period and several good chances from Cologne before Mannheim was able to create any pressure on Danny aus den Birken. After several good but failed chances on goal from the Adler, it was again Kai Hospelt, with five minutes left in regulation that tied the score, when he deflected a shot from Christopher Fisher into the back of the net, 2:2 (55 minute). The score remained tied at the end of regulation sending the game into Sudden Death Overtime.

Cologne had the first good chances during the twenty minute Overtime Period but then Mannheim took over the initiative and kept Danny aus den Birken under constant fire but were unable to get the puck passed him. The unused chances came back to haunt the Adler as Andreas Falk scored his second of the night to give Cologne the win, 3:2 (79 minute).

The Adler return home to the SAP Arena on Friday, 21 March to host Cologne for game three of the best of seven Quarter Finals. The puck is scheduled to drop at 19:30.

Adler Mannheim vs. Cologne Haie 0:1 (0:0, 0:1, 0:0)


Game One Goes to the Haie

Philip Gogulla scored the only goal in game one of the best of seven series in the Quarter Finals between the Adler Mannheim and the Cologne Haie. Game two will be on Wednesday night in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne.

The 12,934 fans in the SAP Arena enjoyed a suspenseful First Period with both teams creating good chances on goal. Danny aus den Birken, in goal for Cologne and Denis Endras, in goal for Mannheim were both able to keep their cages clean. Mannheim started the Second Period strong but it was Philip Gogulla that scored for the Haie. Cologne intercepted a catastrophic Adler pass in the Mannheim Defensive zone allowing Gogulla to score the game winner, 0:1 (28 minute).

The Adler attempted everything to get through Cologne’s defense in the Third but were unable to create many solid chances on goal. Mannheim pulled Endras in the last minute and a half of play but were still unable to score and just barely escaped without an empty-netter.

Game two of the best of seven series will be in Cologne at the Lanxess Arena on Wednesday night. Home-ice-advantage has now fallen to the Haie.

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