Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers vs. Adler Mannheim 4:3 (Shoot-Out) (1:0, 1:2, 1:1, 0:0, 1:0)


Adler Lose Shoot-Out in Nürnberg

The Adler lose a suspenseful game to the Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers on Friday night in Nürnberg by a score of 4:3 following a Shoot-Outt. Mannheim played without Jamie Sifers who was unavailable due to health reasons.

The importance of this game was not lost to either team. Mannheim was in sixth place and Nürnberg was in fifth place but point equal with Mannheim. Both teams needed a win to improve their chances of securing a place in the DEL quarter finals. Both started off very concentrated and careful not wanting to make the first mistake. It took until the fourth minute of play before the game started to develop and chances started to be created on goal. Jamie Pollock drew first blood for Nürnberg, 1:0 (7 minute). Felix Brueckmann, in goal for Mannheim had his view blocked and was unable to see the shot coming. The Ice Tigers took the one point lead into the first break.

The Second Period started out turbulent, first the Adler had a good chance to score followed by Nürnberg’s Reimer being fouled on a breakaway and being awarded a Penalty-Shot. Felix Brueckmann held the Penalty-Shot from the Nürnberg Captain preventing a larger Ice Tiger lead. The Adler were able to kill two penalties early in the Second. Just over the midway point of the Period Nikolai Goc tied the game, 1:1 (33 minute) but less than two minutes later Ehliz scored to restore the Ice Tigers one point lead, 2:1 (34 minute). Just over a minute later Jochen Hecht retied the score, 2:2 (36 minute).

The Third Period was both dramatic and suspenseful. Nürnberg retook the lead early on a shot from Reimer, 3:2 (42 minute). The Adler once again tied the score on a goal from Jon Rheault, 3:3 (52 minute). The game remained tied at the end of regulation and at the end of the five minute Overtime Period. During the resulting Shoot-Out both goalies held on the first three shooters but in the next rotation Jasin Ehliz scored to give the Ice Tigers the extra point.

The Adler remain in sixth place in the DEL rankings with 84 points, one point behind the Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers and four points ahead of the EHC Red Bull Munich. Mannheim has played one game fewer than both of these teams. The Adler return home to the SAP Arena on Sunday, 2 March to host the ERC Ingolstadt. The puck is scheduled to drop at 14:30.

Hamburg Freezers vs. Adler Mannheim 0:1 (0:0, 0:1, 0:0)


Adler Win in Hamburg 1:0

In their fight for a place in the top six and direct qualification for the play-off, the Adler earned a much need three points against the number one ranked Hamburg Freezers. They also ended the series of home game victories for the Freezers stopping the streak at 19. Jon Rheault scored the lone goal of the game during the Second Period.

The Freezers played with a high tempo putting immense pressure on the Adler, Hamburg was hungry to set a DEL record with 20 consecutive home wins. The Freezers had multiple good chances early but Felix Brueckmann, in goal for Mannheim held strong. Towards the middle of the Period Mannheim started to find their way into the game and started creating chances of their own but the game remained scoreless at the first break.

Adler Trainer Hans Zach apparently found the right words during the break as the Adler came out strong and energized for the Second Period. They had the first good chances on goal but were unable to beat Sebastien Caron, in goal for Hamburg. The Freezers responded in kind with some excellent chances on goal but they were unable to get passed Brueckmann. Things did not look good for Mannheim in the 26 minute as Mike Vernace went to the box with a two-minute-minor for tripping. The Adler penalty-kill stood compact against the power-play attacks of the Freezers. Matthias Plachta intercepted the puck at the blue-line and passed it to Jon Rheault who had a breakaway on the Freezers goal. Rheault beat Caron to put the Adler into the lead, 0:1 (27 minute, short-handed). The goal seemed to cause the wind to go out of the Freezers sails for the remainder of the Period but the Adler were unable to take advantage of the situation.

The Freezers gave it their all in the Third Period creating one chance after the other, but Felix Brueckmann and the Adler defense were not to beat. Mannheim fought to hold the lead and the shut-out for Brueckmann until the final horn, throwing themselves in the line of fire and earning the much need three points in the fight for a direct play-off qualification.

The Adler remain on the road this Friday, 28 February traveling to Nürnberg to play the fifth place and point equal Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers. The Adler return home to the SAP Arena on Sunday, 2 March to host the Ingolstadt Panthers. The puck is scheduled to drop at 14:30.

EHC Red Bull Munich vs. Adler Mannheim 3:2 OT (0:0, 1:0, 1:2, 1:0)


Only One Point in Munich

The Adler had a lot of bad luck in their 2:3 loss to the EHC Red Bull. For over 50 minutes they were unable to get the puck in goal. Only two Power-Play goals for Eric Schneider and Ken Magowan were able to take the lead away from Munich, and twice tie the game. Benedikt Brueckner had the game winner for the Red Bull in the resulting overtime.

The Adler started the game strong creating multiple scoring chances in the first few minutes of play. The EHC Red Bull had their first real chance in the fifth minute but Dennis Endras, in goal for Mannheim held. At around the midway point of the First Period Ronny Arendt was hooked during a breakaway but the resulting Penalty-Shot bounced off the crossbar. The best chance for the Adler came towards the end of the Period as they had a full 90 minutes of a double Power-Play but were unable to convert. After the game returned to equal strength, Eric Schneider put the puck in goal for Mannheim but the referees disallowed the goal due to interference with the goalie.

Daniel Richmond scored the lone goal in the Second Period to give Munich a 1:0 lead (33 minute). The Power-Play was the deciding factor in the Third Period. First Eric Schneider scored on an Adler Power-Play to tie the game, 1:1 (53 minute, man-advantage). Two minutes later during an EHC Red Bull Power-Play, Sparre put Munich back in the lead, 2:1 (55 minute, man-advantage). The Adler then returned to the Power-Play and Ken Magowan retied the score, 2:2 (56 minute, man-advantage). Benedikt Brueckner scored the game winner for Munich during the resulting Over-Time Period, 3:2 (64 minute).

The Adler have now fallen to sixth place in the DEL rankings, three points ahead of the seventh place EHC Red Bull Munich and point equal with the fifth place Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers. The Adler remain on the road this Sunday, traveling to Hamburg to face the first place Hamburg Freezers. Game time is scheduled for 14:30.

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