Marcel Goc scores the game winner in Overtime

Adler Mannheim vs. Grizzlys Wolfsburg 4:3 O.T. (1:1, 1:1, 1:1, 1:0)


Adler Win in Overtime

The Adler captured the extra point in a 4:3 overtime victory against the Grizzlys Wolfsburg on Tuesday night. Brent Raedeke, Matthias Plachta, Chad Kolarik, and Marcel Goc scored for Mannheim. Jeremy Dehner, Alexander Weiss, and Mark Voakes scored for Wolfsburg.

The Adler were down six injured players and had Dennis Endras on the bench as back up on Tuesday evening. The 18 year old Mirko Pantkowski was in goal for the Adler. The Adler played six of the first twelve minutes short-hand due to penalties but the Adler penalty-kill and Pantkowski stood strong allowing no goals during the Grizzlys man-advantage situations. Almost midway through the Period Jeremy Dehner scored an equal handed goal to draw first blood for the Grizzlys, 0:1 (9 minute). The Adler had multiple chances to tie the score but they were having difficulty getting the puck past Grizzly Goalie Felix Brueckmann. It was Brent Raedeke that finally scored for Mannheim as he deflected a shot from Kevin Maginot past Brueckmann, 1:1 (18 minute). The score remained tied at the first break.

Mannheim had a perfect start to the Second Period as Matthias Plachta deflected a shot from Dominik Bittner into the net, 2:1 (22 minute). Both teams had few chances on goal over the remaining part of the Second. Late in the Period Alexander Weiss was able to retie the game, 2:2 (19 minute).

Unlike the Second Period the Adler started the Third with a rude awakening as Mark Voakes scored early to give Wolfsburg the lead, 2:3 (43 minute). Markus Kink appeared to score while on the power-play (47 minute) but for some unexplained reasons the referees refused to give Mannheim the tying goal. Following that both Pantkowski and Brueckmann had their hands full as both teams created good chances on goal. A minute and half prior to the end of regulation play Chad Kolarik scored on an assist from Marcel Goc, 3:3 (59 minute) to send the game into Sudden Death Overtime.

16 Seconds into the Overtime Period Marcel Goc scored the game winner, 4:3 (61 minute) to secure the extra point for Mannheim. The “Top Performers” of the Game were Mark Voakes (Wolfsburg) with one goal, Luke Adam (Mannheim) with two assists and two points, and Matthias Plachta (Mannheim) with six shots on goal.

The Adler will be playing in the DEL Winter Game (an outside game) on Saturday, 7 January. They will return to the SAP Arena on both Wednesday, 11 January and Friday, 13 January. On Wednesday they will host the ERC Ingolstadt and on Friday they will host the Fish Town Pinguins. The puck is scheduled to drop at 19:30 for both games.

Chad Kolarik shoots the game winner for Mannheim

Straubing Tigers vs. Adler Mannheim 4:5 (2:1, 2:3, 0:1)


Adler Come Back from Two Down to Win 5:4 in Straubing

Despite being down by two in the First and being behind three times in the game the Adler fought back to win 4:5 in regulation. Goal scorers for the Adler were Garrett Festerling, Matthias Plachta (x2), Denis Reul, and Chad Kolarik. Thomas Brandl, Mike Hedden, and Jeremy Williams (x2) scored for Straubing.

Straubing had the better start in the game with Thomas Brandl putting the Tigers on the board first, 1:0 (7 minute). Mike Hedden was able to build on the lead with a power-play goal five minutes later, 2:0 (12 minute, man-advantage). Garrett Festerling scored for the Adler a couple of minutes later, 2:1 (14 minute). Straubing took the 2:1 lead into the First Break.

Midway through the Second Period Matthias Plachta tied the score, 2:1 (30 minute). The tied score did not last long as Jeremy Williams put the Tigers back in the lead while on the power-play two minutes later, 3:2 (32 minute, man-advantage). Two minutes after that Mannheim retied the score on goal from Denis Reul, 3:3 (34 minute). Jeremy Williams scored his second of the night five minutes later to once again give the Tigers the lead, 4:3 (39 minute). Matthias Plachta answered less than a minute later for the Adler with his second of the night to retie the score, 4:4 (40 minute).

At the start of the Third Adler Goalie Youri Ziffzer was replaced due to an upper body injury. He was replaced with 18 year old Mirko Pantkowski. Pantkowski was making his DEL debut. The Period was hard fought and Pantkowski was called on to make a couple of good saves to keep the Adler in the game. With just over three minutes remaining in regulation and the game still tied at four apiece Adam Mitchell went to the box on a two-minute-minor for slashing, putting the Adler on a late power-play. A minute later Steven Zalewski joined Mitchell in the box with a two-minute-minor for tripping giving Mannheim a double power-play. Chad Kolarik was able to take advantage of the situation and shoot the game winner for Mannheim, 4:5 (59 minute, two-man-advantage). The “Top Performers” of the game were Jeremy Williams (Straubing) with two goals, Christoph Ullmann (Mannheim) with two assists, and Matthias Plachta (Mannheim) with two points and ten shots on goal.

The Adler return home to the SAP Arena on Tuesday, 3 January when they will host the Grizzlys Wolfsburg. The puck is scheduled to drop at 19:30.

Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers vs. Adler Mannheim 5:1 (3:0, 0:1, 2:0)


5:1 Loss in Nürnberg

Two days after a 7:1 home game victory against the DEG the Adler suffer a 5:1 loss in Nürnberg. Goal scorers for the Ice Tigers were Danny Syvret (1:0, 4 minute), Leonhard Pfoederl (x2, 2:0, 9 minute and 4:1, 54 minute), Marco Pfleger (3:0, 18 minute, man-advantage), and Brandon Segal (5:1, 59 minute). The lone goal for Mannheim was scored by Chad Kolarik (3:1, 21 minute, man-advantage). The “Top Performers” of the game were all from Nürnberg Leonhard Pfoederl with two goals, Brandon Prust with one assist, Daniel Syvret with two points, and Patrick Reimer with nine shots on goal.

The Adler remain on the road Friday, 30 December when they will be in Straubing to play against the Straubing Tigers. They will return home to the SAP Arena on Tuesday, 3 January when they will host the Grizzlys Wolfsburg. The puck is scheduled to drop at 19:30.

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