Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg vs. Adler Mannheim 2:5 (2:2, 0:0, 0:3)


Adler Win in Wolfsburg – 5:2

Following the unnecessary loss on Friday in Berlin, the Adler were able to earn three much needed points in Wolfsburg. After a furious first Period with goals from Buchwieser and Rheault for Mannheim and Miley and Fauser for Wolfsburg the game was not decided until the Third Period with three unanswered goals for Mannheim from Wagner, Hecht and Mauer.

It only took 35 seconds for Norm Miley to put Wolfsburg in the lead, 1:0 (1 minute) but Martin Buchwieser tied things up a mere 18 seconds later, 1:1 (1 minute). Wolfsburg’s second goal was a bit of bad luck for the Adler as Fauser deflected the puck into the net on a shot from Armin Wurms, 2:1 (5 minute). Mannheim was once again able to tie the score on a goal from Jon Rheault two minutes before the first break, 2:2 (19 minute).

There were chances for both teams in the Second Period. Dennis Endras in goal for Mannheim as well as Sebastian Vogl in goal for Wolfsburg were both called upon to demonstrate their skills as the game remained tied at two going into the second break. Just 13 seconds into the Third Period the Grizzly Adams went on the Power-Play but Mannheim’s Penalty-Kill remained effective. Six seconds after the Adler were back at full strength Steve Wagner scored the go ahead goal for Mannheim, 2:3 (43 minute). Jochen Hecht built on the Adler lead as he picked up a rebound from a shot from El-Sayed and effortlessly put it in goal, 2:4 (59 minute). Following the goal, Wolfsburg’s Miley went to the box for Slashing. With Mannheim on the Power-Play Frank Mauer scored the final goal of the game with an assist from Lehoux, 2:5 (60 minute, man-advantage).

The Adler return home to the SAP Arena on Tuesday night to host the Augsburg Panther. The puck is scheduled to drop at 19:30.

Ice Bear Berlin vs. Adler Mannheim 4:2 (1:0, 1:2, 2:0)


Adler Lose in Berlin 2:4

Despite leading 2:1 in the Second Period the Adler lose their first game following the Deutschland Cup 2:4. Martin Buchwieser and Christoph Ullmann scored the two goals for Mannheim.

Regardless of current rankings in the DEL, a game Berlin vs. Mannheim is always suspenseful. Mannheim started the game in the o2 Arena in Berlin strong, creating pressure on the Ice Bear but it did not take long for Berlin to find their way into the game, creating their own pressure in the Adler Defensive Zone. There were not many quality shots on goal in the First Period as both teams were more concentrated on their defensive game. Andre Rankel drew first blood, beating Dennis Endras, in goal for Mannheim with a backhand shot, 1:0 (15 minute).

Despite the Berlin lead the Adler remained strong, scoring twice early in the Second Period. Martin Buchwieser deflected a wrist shot from Florian Kettemer past Berlin Keeper, Rob Zepp, 1:1 (24 minute). He was followed just over a minute later by Christoph Ullmann with assists from Wagner and Hecht, 1:2 (25 minute). The Adler then dominated the majority of the Second Period but were knocked out of their rhythm when Jon Rheault went to the box for cross-checking. The Adler’s Penalty-Kill was able to with stand the Berlin Power-Play but shortly thereafter Daniel Weiss was able to tie the score, 2:2 (38 minute).

The Adler controlled a large part of the Third Period, creating multiple chances on goal but were unable to covert. Surprisingly Mulock shot the Ice Bear into the lead on their first real chance of the period, 3:2 (52 minute). Just over two minutes later with Marc El-Sayed in the box for slashing, Talbot increased Berlin’s lead to two, 4:2 (54 minute, man-advantage). Despite Mannheim pulling Endras for a sixth attacker the score remained 4:2 at the final horn.

The Adler remain on the road on Sunday traveling to Wolfsburg to face the Grizzly Adams. The game will be televised n the German free TV channel, Servus TV. Game time is 17:45. The Adler will return home to the SAP Arena on Tuesday, 19 November to host the Augsburg Panther. The puck is scheduled to drop at 19:30.

Felix Brueckmann is Player of the Month for October


The fans of the Adler Mannheim voted Felix Brueckmann the Player of the Month for October.

The 22 year old keeper delivered an exceptional performance, while replacing the injured Dennis Endras. He had four Shut-Outs in a row in the SAP Arena, his first in the DEL.

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