The Boys are Back in Town Party - 2 August in the SAP Arena


Once again this year the traditional Boys are Back in Town Party will mark the opening of the new season. The party will be held on 2 August, starting at 19:00 in the SAP Arena, doors open at 18:00. The entrance between stairways A and B will be open for the event. Entry is free for all as is parking in P1.

Radio Regenbogen – Sports Reporter Antii Soramies as well as Adler Stadium Announcer Udo Scholz will present the players to the fans.

There will be large bar and several food-stands available for the fans. There will also be a stand selling fan articles and also a stand from the Adler Fan Project, fans can get information on activities for the new season and also become a member of the Fan Project. Music will be provided by a DJ from Radio Regenbogen.

After the official presentation of the team for season 2013-2014, the players will walk among the fans and sign autographs and make small talk.

The Adler look forward to your attendance. Come welcome the players both old and new. Pre-Season Training Camp will start on the Monday following the party.

Adler Open Against Schwenningen - 2013-2014 Season Schedule Set


The Adler Mannheim will open the new season with a Baden Wuerttemberg State rivalry against the Schwenninger Wild Wings, who will be making their return debut in the DEL. The game scheduled for 13 September 2013l at 19:30 hours is a home game for the Adler and will take place in the SAP Arena. Two days later the Adler will be on the road in Cologne playing in the Lanxess Arena against the Cologne Haie (Sharks).

Durinig the 2013-2014 Season the Adler will have a total of ten home games on Fridays, ten home games on Sundays, one home game on Saturday (28 December), one home game on Monday (30 December), one home game on Wednesday (2 October), and three home games on Tuesdays.

Ticket sales for the first few home games will go on sale 29 July at 09:00. Tickets are available from the Adler Ticket Shop, The Adler City Store, The Adler Ticket Hot Line 0621-18190333, and on line under www.saparena.de . Tickets for the European Trophy Home games will also be available at that time.

Here is an overview of all of the Adler home games (Please remember in German the Home Team is listed first):

Fr. 13.09.2013 Mannheim-Schwenningen
So. 29.09.2013 Mannheim-Hamburg
Mi. 02.10.2013 Mannheim-Iserlohn
So. 06.10.2013 Mannheim-Berlin
Fr. 11.10.2013 Mannheim-München
Fr. 18.10.2013 Mannheim-Wolfsburg
Fr. 25.10.2013 Mannheim-Köln
Fr. 01.11.2013 Mannheim-Straubing
So. 03.11.2013 Mannheim-Düsseldorf
Di. 19.11.2013 Mannheim-Augsburg
So. 24.11.2013 Mannheim-Nürnberg
Fr. 29.11.2013 Mannheim-Krefeld
So. 08.12.2013 Mannheim-Ingolstadt
Fr. 20.12.2013 Mannheim-Schwenningen
So. 22.12.2013 Mannheim-Augsburg
Sa. 28.12.2013 Mannheim-Iserlohn
Mo. 30.12.2013 Mannheim-Wolfsburg
So. 05.01.2014 Mannheim-München
Di. 07.01.2014 Mannheim-Düsseldorf
So. 12.01.2014 Mannheim-Hamburg
Fr. 17.01.2014 Mannheim-Nürnberg
So. 26.01.2014 Mannheim-Straubing
Fr. 31.01.2014 Mannheim-Krefeld
Fr. 14.02.2014 Mannheim-Köln
Di. 18.02.2014 Mannheim-Berlin
So. 02.03.2014 Mannheim-Ingolstadt

Further information available under: http://www.del.org/de/statistiken/spielplan/hauptrunde-13/14/page/1338-43---.html

Summer Fest on 6 July – Last Chance for Early Bird Discount


On 6 July the Adler will have their yearly Summer Fest. In an effort to make the wait on the start of the new season a little more bearable, the Adler Mannheim are inviting all of their fans Saturday,6 July between 16:00-19:00 hours to their yearly Summer Fest on the grounds of the SAP Arena. Naturally there will be a few members of the team present to sign autographs, work on the grill, and answer questions.

Almost 6,000 Season Tickets have already been sold

What is more important for the people that have not yet purchased their Season Tickets is that the Early Bird Discount (Fruehbucherrabatt) ends this coming Saturday. So anybody wanting to take advantage of this attractive discount needs to purchase their tickets this week. As of last Friday the Adler had sold almost 6,000 Season Tickets. The Ticket Shop in the SAP Arena will also be open on Saturday from 16:00-19:00 hours. We ask all of our fans to remember that to take advantage of this Early Bird Discount the Season Tickets must be paid for prior to 19:00 on 6 July. Only reserving the tickets by that time period is not valid for the rebate.

Fan articles will also be available for purchase. You can also have a T-Shirt printed with your favorite players name and number. For the younger guests there will be an Air Hockey table as well as a Tabletop Hockey Game and a Goal wall for their enjoyment. Music will be provided by Adler partner Radio Regenbogen.

Parking will be provided at no cost In the VIP Parking lot as well as in P1. We are looking forward to your visit and hope for nice summer weather.

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