Adler Mannheim vs. Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg 3:2 OT (0:2, 0:0, 2:0, 1:0)


Adler Win 3:2 in Overtime – Force Game 6

The 12,000 plus fans saw a very suspenseful game in the SAP Arena on Thursday evening. Mannheim was behind 0:2 after two periods of play. Ken Magowan and Frank Mauer both scored within in a couple minutes of each other in the Third Period to tie the game. Florian Kettemer scored the game winner in the 63 minute. Game six will be played in Wolfsburg on Easter Saturday.

The Adler went into game five with the will to change the tide of the series against the Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg. From the start of the First Period Mannheim created several good chances on goal but were unable to get the puck over the line. On the other end Wolfsburg was able to score on goals from Haskins who deflected a shot from Walters into the goal, 1:0 (6 minute) and Brocklehurst, 2:0 (16 minute).

The Adler continued to push forward in the Second Period but remained unable to score. Ken Magowan rang a shot off the post while good chances near the Wolfsburg goal remained elusive. Wolfsburg remained dangerous on the counter attack but Dennis Endras held. The Adler had an optimal start in the Third Period. After killing the remainder of a Wagner two minute minor for slashing, they were ready to start a strong offensive phase. Ken Magowan and Frank Mauer scored the 1:2 (44 minute) and the 2:2 (46 minute) within two minutes of each other. Finally, the Adler’s eight periods of scoring drought had ended. The rest of the Third Period was a game of chance and counter chance but neither team was able to break the tie during regulation. For the third time in the series a game went into overtime. Florian Kettemer scored the game winner with a shot from the Blue-Line, 3:2 (63 minute).

The win for the Adler forces the series into game six. The Adler trail 2:3 in the best of seven quarterfinal series. Game six will be played on Saturday, 30 March in Wolfsburg. If the Adler win game six, then game seven will be in the SAP Arena on Monday, 1 April at 14:30.

Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg vs. Adler Mannheim 3:0 (1:0, 0:0, 2:0)


0:3 –Mannheim Once Again Unable to Score

Despite Adam Mitchell and Denis Reul both returning from their injuries sustained in game one, the Adler were shut out for the second game in a row. The result on Tuesday was even worse than the one on Sunday as Mannheim lost 3:0 instead of only 1:0.

Like on Sunday, Mannheim quickly found their way into the game but were unable to create any really good chances on goal. Wolfsburg did not have that problem as they proved that this time around they wanted to take advantage of their away win and build on it at home. Dennis Endras was able to hold against a good portion of the attacks from Wolfsburg but Alexander Polaczek scored a power-play goal to bring the Grizzly Adams in front, 1:0 (19 minute, man-advantage).

The Second Period was similar to the First, with the Adler unable to create chances on goal and Wolfsburg keeping the Adler goal under constant pressure. Denis Endras was able to hold throughout the Second, including spectacular saves against Dzieduzycki and Nelson. The Adler had their best chance at the start of the Third Period with a five-on-three man-advantage but they did not bring the pressure needed to create any real danger for the compact defense of Wolfsburg. When Wolfsburg was complete they once again took the upper hand, Tyler Haskins scored the 2:0 (49 minute) and Greg Moore scored an empty-netter to give Wolfsburg a 3:0 lead (59 minute, empty-netter).

Wolfsburg leads the best of seven series 3:1 and can win the series on Thursday if they can get another win in the SAP Arena. Game starts in Mannheim Thursday at 19:30.

No Adler goal in game 3.

Adler Mannheim vs. Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg 0:1 (0:0, 0:0, 0:1)


Adler Lose Quarter Finals Game Three 0:1

Just like game one and two, game three of the quarter finals between Mannheim and Wolfsburg was a close one and just like game one and two it was won by the visiting team. Benedikt Schopper scored the game winner in the 51 minute and put Wolfsburg up two to one in the best of seven series. Game four will be played on Tuesday in Wolfsburg and game five will be Thursday in Mannheim.

As expected game three was an equally matched game. Both teams began the game with hard checks and multiple good chances on goal. The Adler were a tick better then the Grizzly Adams in the First Period, mostly due to the fourth and fifth minute. Seidenberg (3 minute), Kink (4 minute), MacDonald (2X), and Glumac (both 5 minute) all had good chances on goal that either just missed the goal or were stopped cold by Wolfsburg’s Keeper Dshunussow. On the other end the Adler had a little luck as a shot from Alexander Polaczek was stopped at the last minute by a Mannheim Defender before it could pass the sprawled out Dennis Endras. In the eleventh minute Tyler Haskins five holed Endras but the puck slid passed the goal.

At the start of the Second Period Endras stopped a shot from Robbie Bina. Matthias Plachta (2X) and Florian Kettemer both had good chances for the Adler but were unable to score. The Adler Power-Play was harmless and scoreless during game three.

It appeared that the first team that made a mistake was going to be the team that lost the game. The Adler committed the first mistake and Wolfsburg made them pay for it. Following an icing call Mannheim was unable to change lines. They were then able to clear the zone but got the puck just over their own blue line. As the Adler attempted to change lines the Grizzly Adams quickly brought the puck back into the Adler zone. Benedikt Schopper sank a slap-shot that was also the game winner for Wofsburg, 1:0 (51 minute).

Game four will be played on Tuesday in Wolfsburg. The Adler will return to the SAP Arena in Mannheim for game five on Thursday, 28 March. The puck will drop at 1930.

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