Matthias Plachta scored after 106 minutes in Wolfsburg.

Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg vs. Adler Mannheim 2:3 OT (0:1, 2:1, 0:0, 0:0, 0:0, 0:1)


Matthias Plachta Shoots Mannheim to 3:2 Triple Overtime Win in Wolfsburg

In the Sixth Period with 105 minutes and 54 seconds played, Matthias Plachta scored the 3:2 game winner for Mannheim. The Adler led twice during regulation play on goals from Yannic Seidenberg and Doug Janik but Wolfsburg was able to tie the score both times.

The Adler had a dream start in Wolfsburg. Only seven seconds had ticked off the clock as Seidenberg took a pass from Belle and backhanded it past Wolfsburg’s Keeper, Daniar Dshunussow, 1:0 (1 minute). Wolfsburg did not let the Adler’s early goal knock them off of their game plan. They played an aggressive game continually fighting their way into the Adler zone but Mannheim stood compact and let few truly dangerous chances through. What did manage to get through was stopped by Adler Goalie Dennis Endras.

In the Second Period the Grizzly Adams were unable to maintain the tempo that they had had in the First, thus allowing the Adler more chances on the offense. But in the middle of the period with Mannheim on the Power-Play, Wolfsburg was able to take advantage of a bad line change by the Adler. Sebastian Furchner scored a short-hander for Wolfsburg, 1:1 (30 minute, short-handed). The Adler struck back less than two minutes later on a shot from the Blue-Line from Doug Janik, 2:1 (32 minute). The game started to get hectic as it picked up more tempo, this worked to the advantage of the Grizzly Adams, as they were once again able to tie the score on a Kai Hospelt goal, 2:2 (40 minute).

The tempo remained high in the Third Period with both teams having good chances on goal and with both Goalies stopping those chances. The score remained tied at the end of regulation and for the second time in two games went into overtime. The Adler controlled the majority of the fourth Period but despite almost 40 seconds with a two-man-advantage were unable to put the puck in net. Both the Fourth and Fifth Periods remained scoreless, neither team wanting to risk an opposing goal during the sudden-death overtime. Finally in the Sixth Period with 105:54 played, Matthias Plachta scored the game winner for Mannheim, 3:2 (106 minute).

With the best of seven series tied up at one game apiece, home-ice-advantage swings back to the Adler. Game Three of the Quarterfinals is scheduled for Sunday, 24 March, in the SAP Arena with the puck dropping at 1430.

Adler Mannheim vs Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg 2:3 (OT) (1:0, 1:0, 0:2, 0:1)


Adler Lose to Wolfsburg 2:3 in Overtime

Up until the 53 minute it was an almost perfect game for the Adler, they were up 2:0 and were not letting much get through to their goal. But unnecessary penalties gave Wolfsburg the chance to score. Bina scored the 2:2 with two minutes left to play and Moore scored the game winner for Wolfsburg in the eleventh minute of overtime. Both teams will meet again on Friday in Wolfsburg for game two of the best of seven series and Sunday in Mannheim for game three.

The Playoffs have begun. The intensity of the battles on the ice during the first quarterfinal game were unlike any seen during the regular season. The Adler had the game good in hand for the first seven minutes. Grizzly Adams goalie Daniar Dshunussow had his work cut out for him with shots from Reul (4 minute), Seidenberg and Belle (both 5 minute). The first penalty against the Adler was in the seventh minute. It did not interrupt Mannheim’s game but it did allow Wolfsburg into the game. Dennis Endras had no problem stopping Wolfsburg’s first shot on goal in the ninth minute. The Adler remained consequent in their attacks and battles resulting in penalties for Wolfsburg. When Wolfsburg took penalties in the 17 and 18 minute, Frank Mauer scored for the Adler on a slap-shot from the Blue Line, 1:0 (19 minute, man-advantage).

At the start of the Second Period the Adler once again had a chance on the power-play with shots from Mauer and MacDonald. Shortly thereafter Denis Reul caught Dshunussow on his way to the wrong corner of his goal, Reul took a shot from the Blue Line and Plachta deflected it into the net, 2:0 (24 minute). Adam Mitchell then took a trip to the box and Wolfsburg delivered a strong power-play but the Adler penalty-kill held. At the end of the period Wolfsburg got lucky to not have goals three and four scored against them. Ken Magowan missed a chance on an empty net when he missed the puck on a rebound and Matthias Plachta beat both defenders and Goalie but just missed the goal as the puck slid past the left post.

In the Third Period it appeared many times that the Adler were going to score the 3:0 and if not it was ok because the Defense was standing strong. But then Mauer and Janik both received two minute minors and Wolfsburg pulled Dshunussow for a sixth attacker and were able to play six on three. Milley scored in the 56 minute, 1:2 (56 minute, man-advantage) and Bina tied the score two minutes later, 2:2 (58 minute).

Ronny Arendt had his chance in the 63 minute but was unable to put the puck in goal, a problem that Moore did not have in the 71 minute when he scored the game winner for Wolfsburg, 3:2 (71 minute, man-advantage).

The Adler will be on the road Friday, 22 March in Wolfsburg for game two of the quarter finals. They will return home on Sunday, 24 March for game three. The puck is scheduled to drop at 14:30

Ken Magowan scored the third goal in 59:01.

Adler Mannheim vs. ERC Ingolstadt 4:2 (1:1, 1:1, 2:0)


Last Minute 4:2 Victory Secures Mannheim Top Spot in the DEL Rankings

The over 12, 000 fans in the SAP arena enjoyed a very suspense filled game. The Adler started the day in first place in the DEL rankings but were point equal with Cologne. Due to Cologne winning their last game of the season, a victory for the Adler against Ingolstadt was a necessity to maintain the number one spot. The victory did not come easy with Ingolstadt leading twice on goals from Motzko and Sabolic. Seidenberg and Kink both had game tying goals. Magowan had the game winner in the last minute of play followed by an empty-netter from Glumac to seal the deal.

The last game of the regular season was intense from the first drop of the puck. Both teams played a high tempo, hard hitting game that was reminiscent of play-off hockey. The teams were fairly equal with both creating good chances on goal. Alder, Captain Marcus Kink tested Ingolstadt’s Keeper, Markus Janka in the fourth minute followed shortly by Kris Sparre’s near miss on the Adler goal. Florian Kettemer and Matthias Plachta missed their chance to put the Adler in lead in the seventh minute, while the Ingolstadt defense was temporarily disoriented in front of their goal but it was the Panther that drew first blood. Joe Motzko scored on an assist from Patrick Hager, 0:1 (8 minute). Adam Mitchell (10 minute) and Mike Glumac (14 minute) had chances to tie the score but Janka held. In the 15-16 minutes the Adler penalty-kill withstood a 5:3 power-play advantage for Ingolstadt that lasted for almost a full two minutes. Killing the penalties gave the Adler new life and with a temporary momentum shift Yannic Seidenberg was able to tie the score, 1:1 (19 minute).

In the Second Period Robert Sabolic put Ingolstadt back in the lead with a goal on a delayed penalty call, 2:1 (28 minute). The goal was followed by multiple good chances for the Adler and Marcus Kink tied the game for the Adler when he shot the puck into the net over Janka, who was sprawled out on the ice, 2:2 (33 minute). Ken Magowan and Craig MacDonald (34 minute), Adam Mitchell (37 minute), and Niki Goc (38 minute) all had their chance for the go-ahead goal but were unable to get passed Janka.

The majority of the Third Period saw few good chances on goal. Over a large stretch of time a shot from Lehoux in the 45 minute and a chance from Mauer in the 55 minute were the only two solid chances that developed. Shortly before the end things started to get uncomfortable on the Adler bench when they were informed that in the parallel game Cologne vs. Nürnberg that Cologne had turned around a 1:3 deficit into a 5:4 win. Mannheim Trainer, Harold Kreis called a timeout, the team now knew that to end the regular season as number one they had to win this game. With only 59 seconds left in regulation, during a heated battle in front of Janka and the Ingolstadt goal, Ken Magowan scored the game winner when he shoved the puck past Janka and over the line, 3:2 (60 minute). Ingolstadt pulled Janka for a sixth attacker but Mike Glumac scored an empty-netter to cinch things for Mannheim, 4:2 (60 minute).

The Adler finished the DEL regular season in first place with 99 points and have home ice advantage throughout the play-offs. The first play-off game (quarter finals) will be in the SAP Arena and is scheduled for 20 March with the puck dropping at 19:30. The opponent has yet to be determined as the pre-play-off (wild card) games have to be decided first. The wild card teams consist of Nürnberg, Augsburg, Straubing, and Wolfsburg.

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