Team Canada vs. Adler Mannheim 1:2 in Overtime (0:1, 0:0, 1:0, 0:1)


Adler Win 2:1 against Team Canada

With a score of 2:1 (1:0, 0:0, 0:1, 1:0) in overtime t he Adler reached the desired outcome in their game against Team Canada. Adam Mitchell scored a Power-Play goal in the First Period and Jason Pominville scored in Sudden Death to give the Adler the victory. Dennis Endras stood in goal for the Adler and played an exceptionally good game. The Adler’s next game is on Friday against the tournament host HC Davos.

Both Mannheim and Team Canada delivered a good fight in the second game of this year’s Spengler Cup. Both teams started with a high tempo creating multiple chances on goal with Team Canada being the stronger of the two teams. Dennis Endras kept Mannheim in the game as he stopped one Canadian attack after the other. The Adler drew first blood when they scored on their first Man-Advantage situation of the game. Adam Mitchell deflected a Slap-Shot from Steve Wagner leaving Canadian Goalie Jonathan Bernier with no chance of stopping the shot, 1:0 (16 minute, man-advantage).

There were no goals in the Second Period despite chances on both sides. Endras and Bernier both delivered strong performances. This continued on for the first ten minutes of the Third Period as well. The Canadians were first able to take advantage of their Power-Play when Matthias Plachta went to the box for interference. Tyler Seguin scored the tying goal for Team Canada, 1:1 (51 minute, man-advantage). The game remained tied at the end of regulation. During the Sudden Death Over Time Team Canada’s Patrice Bergeron had the first real chance on goal in the 63 minute with a breakaway pitting him against Adler Goalie Dennis Endras. Endras held. A few seconds later Jason Pominville had the same type of situation on the other end of the ice against Canadian Goalie Jonathan Bernier. Pominville sank the puck into the back of the net securing two points for Mannheim, 2:0 (64 minute).

The Adler will face HC Davos on Friday night at 20:15.

Hannover Scorpions vs. Adler Mannheim 1:4 (0:1, 0:3, 1:0)


4:1 Adler Win in Hannover

The Adler won over the Hannover Scorpions by a score of 4:1 (1:0, 3:0, 0:1) in their last DEL game of calendar year 2012. Jochen Hecht scored the first two goals followed by goals from Jason Pominville and Dennis Seidenberg. Sulkovsky kept Hannover from getting shut out with a goal in the Third.

Following the 6:2 home win against Krefeld on Friday during “The game of the hearts” Mannheim was able to continue the success Sunday on the road in Hannover. After only two and a half minutes it was once again Jochen Hecht, who scored twice on Friday that put the Adler on the board 1:0 (3 minute, man-advantage). The First Period did not flow smoothly for either side as there were hardly any five on five situations due to the amount of penalties that were called.

During the Second Period things went better for the Adler. Once again there were a lot of penalties but this time the Adler were ready to capitalize on their chances. Jason Pominville took a shot from the blue line that Jochen Hecht deflected into the goal, leaving no chance for Hannover’s Net-Minder Thomas Greiss 2:0 (29 minute, man-advantage). Two minutes later Pominville shot the 3:0 on a delayed penalty call (31 minute, delayed penalty). In the 40 minute Dennis Seidenberg added his name to the scorers list. With assists from Marcel Goc and Pominville, Seidenberg had no problem beating the out played Scorpion defenders, including the Goalie, 4:0 (40 minute, man-advantage).

Mannheim did not let up in the Third Period and forced the Scorpions into their defensive zone, creating good chances on goal for the Adler but Thomas Greiss stood strong stopping shot after shot. David Sulkovsky scored for Hannover 4:1 (54 minute). It was the only goal to fall in the Third and the game ended with a 4:1 victory for Mannheim.

Mannheim will be playing in the Spengler Cup in Davos Switzerland over the next week. Their first opponent will be Team Canada. The Adler return to league games with a road game on 4 January in Munich. The next home game for the Adler is on 13 January when they will host the Grizzly Adams from Wolfsburg.

Jochen Hecht scored twice.

Adler Mannheim vs. Krefeld Pinguine 6:2 (5:0, 1:1, 0:1)


Adler 6:2 against Krefeld

With a decisive 6:2 (5:0, 1:1, 0:1) win against the Krefeld Pinguine in the last home game of the year, the Adler secure the top spot in the DEL rankings. Adam Mitchell, Marc El-Sayed, Marcel Goc, Mike Glumac and Jochen Hecht (twice) scored for Mannheim. Richard Pavlikovsky scored both goals for Krefeld. The Adler will play their last DEL game of 2012 on the road Sunday in Hannover.

From the first second on the 13,600 fans in the sold out SAP Arena saw a highly energized and concentrated team that was willing to give it their all in an attempt to end the ten game winning streak of the third place team from Krefeld. After just a quarter of an hour it when Mike Glumac scored the 5:0, during a Power-Play it became obvious that the Adler should be able to put an end to Krefeld’s winning streak.

Only 24 seconds into the game Marcel Goc had two big chances to score, he had a good chance on a backhander, he then picked up his own rebound and was just a tick to late on a chance on a rap around. Just seconds later Doug Janik sent the puck towards the goal, Yanic Seidenberg worked the puck farther, and Adam Mitchell put it in goal for the 1:0 (1 minute). When Dominik Bittner went to the box for interference, Marc El-Sayed surprised Krefeld Keeper Scott Langkow with a short-handed goal, 2:0 (5 minute). On the same penalty-kill Marcel Goc hand another good chance on goal for the Alder but Langkow held. Five minutes late he scored the 3:0 while on the power-play (11 minute, man-advantage). Jochen Hecht scored the 4:0 (14 minute) and Mike Glumac got the 5:0 (15 minute). Krefeld was dangerous when in the Adler zone but Dennis Endras held the few chances on goal that they had. On the other end Scott Langkow was on damage control trying to keep the Pinguine from suffering even more during the remainder of the First Period.

At the start of the Second Period Adam Mitchell was in the box for interference. Pavlikovsky took advantage of the man-advantage situation to finally put Krefeld on the board 5:1 (22 minute). Dennis Endras held against Francois Methot in the 23 minute, a second quick goal might have changed the momentum of the game but with the help of a few penalties against the Pinguine the Adler kept the match under control. The first two of the resulting power-plays were weak but on the third Jochen Hecht deflected a slap shot from Dennis Seidenberg into the net for the 6:1 (31 minute, man-advantage).The Adler remained clearly ahead in both goals as well as direct conflicts – Doug Janik was the clear winner on points during his conflict with Roland Verwey.

Four penalties in the first ten minutes of the Third Period took the wind out of the Adler’s sails but Mannheim was able to hold their lead over time and even Richard Pavlikovsky’s second goal of the game was purely cosmetic 2:6 (50 minute, man-advantage).

The Adler will be on the road in Hannover on Sunday for their last DEL game of calendar year 2012. From the 26-31 December the Adler will be participating in the Spengler Cup in Davos Switzerland. Their first opponent will be Team Canada at 20:15 on 26 December. Following the Spengler Cup they will play two games in Bavaria, 4 January in Munich and 6 January in Nürnberg. On 11 January they will be in Iserlohn and finally on 13 January they return home to the SAP Arena to host the Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg.

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