Düsseldorfer EG vs. Adler Mannheim 4:5 (1:2, 2:0, 1:3)


Another Lehoux Hat-Trick, Adler Win 5:4 in Düsseldorf

The DEG and the Adler played a close game that the Adler won by a narrow margin of 5:4. Yanick Lehoux scored his second Hat-Trick in as many games and took his place in the record books of the DEL. Following goals from Ronny Arendt and Dennis Seidenberg as well as the DEG goals from Bostrom, Kreutzer, and Strodel, the DEG led 3:2 after 40 minutes. The Adler fought their way back and in the end with a little luck earned the three points.

Despite the game being between the First and Last ranked teams in the DEL, it was not a foregone conclusion as some would think. The DEG knew that to have a chance against the Adler they had to have the will to fight. They started the game motivated, creating chances from the start and tried to get the 4,512 fans in the ISS Dome behind them.

Christoph Ullmann was back but the Adler had to play without the suspended Yannic Seidenberg. Ronny Arendt scored the first goal of the evening as he beat DEG Keeper, Robert Goepfert. Christoph Ullmann had the chance to raise the lead but was only able to hit the outside net of the half empty goal. The DEG answered on their second real chance on goal as Justin Bostrom tied the score at one.

The goal gave Düsseldorf a boost that created a suspenseful duel between the two teams. Chirstoph Ullmann missed the chance to put Mannheim back in the lead in the 11 minute. Therefore Dennis Seidenberg scored the 2:1 on a Power-Play in the 16 minute. Regardless of the lead it was clear to everybody that this would not be an easy win for the Adler. DEG Captain Daniel Kreutzer confirmed that feeling at the start of the Second Period when he scored the 2:2. Frank Mauer and Marcel Goc both missed on scoring chances. Alder Goalie Felix Brueckmann held on the Penalty kill against Bostrom and Turnbull but two minutes later the youngster Alexander Preibisch and Manuel Strodel beat the Adler Defense and put the DEG in the lead. Mannheim was perplexed and off their game. Despite their best efforts the DEG Defense held and Robert Goepfert remained with little work to do before the second break.

The Adler took the initiative at the start of the Third Period. Felix Brueckmann was lucky as a shot from the DEG slid past him but was held just before the line. Besides that the Adler held control and were able to play their game. What followed was similar to Sunday, a super showing by Yanick Lehoux. Just like against Hamburg with three goals he brought the Adler back in front 5:3 with goals in the 48, 54, and 56 minute. Justin Bostrom shortened the lead two minutes before the end which once again made things suspenseful. The Adler added more suspense as they took two penalties, while the DEG pulled their goalie for a sixth attacker. The three Adler held against the six DEG attackers to win the game 5:4 and bring home the three points.

Adler Mannheim vs. Hamburg Freezers 5:3 (0:3, 3:0, 2:0)


Lehoux with a Hat-Trick in a 5:3 Win Over Hamburg

The Adler turned around a 0:3 deficit against the Hamburg Freezers and won 5:3, with a Hat-Trick from Yanick Lehoux and goals from Marcus Kink and Craig Macdonald. The Adler stopped the Hamburg winning streak at six games. The game was a direct duel between the number two and number three ranked teams, with the win the Adler take over first place in the DEL following Colognes loss to Berlin.

The Adler used the same lines that they used in the game on Friday against Ingolstadt, without Magowan, Ullmann, Bittner, and Kettemer, once again in goal was Dennis Endras. The Adler started out well and had a good chance in the first Power-Play as Yannic Seidenberg missed the goal from five meters out. Hamburg’s Power-Play was more effective, Mathieu Roy gave the Freezers the lead in the tenth minute.

Falling behind knocked Mannheim off their game and Hamburg was able to disrupt the Adler formation and force mistakes. One of which Pettinger was able to take advantage of two minutes after the 0:1 to score the 0:2. Hamburg’s Goalie Niklas Treutle, one of the main players in the Freezer’s winning streak, held against Janik, Mitchell, Marcel Goc (all 15 minute) and Sifers (16 minute). On the other end Dennis Endras cashiered the next goal (18 minute) as Murphy scored the 0:3.

In the Second Period the Adler moved into high gear playing more on the body. In the 23 minute, Jamie Sifers Slap-Shot sailed passed the goal but Frank Mauer picked up the puck and passed to Yanick Lehoux who sank it In the back of the net for the 1:3. Two minutes later the space between the left post and Treutle was even smaller but Lehoux hit it again for the 2:3. The 30 year old Canadian missed his chance to tie the score and get a Hat-Trick three times in the 29-30 minute but it was Adler Captain Marcus Kink that scored the much deserved third goal to tie the score at three (30 minute).

Dennis Endras had his hands full on the opposite end of the ice. Jerome Flaake had two good chances on him in the 32 and 34 minute. With a man-advantage Dennis Seidenberg and Craig MacDonald (39 minute) missed their chances to put the Adler in the lead. A minute before the end of the Second Period Yanick Lehoux once again found the back of the net during a delayed penalty call but after video review the goal was disallowed due to an attacking player in the Goal Crease.

Thirty seconds into the Third Period, Lehoux was finally able to celebrate his much deserved Hat-Trick. He scored the 4:3 on an Adler Power-Play giving Mannheim the lead for the first time in the game. A short time later he missed his chance for the 5:3 while in the Adler zone Dennis Endras stopped a Slap-Shot from Thomas Oppenheimer.

The Adler became more passive and were more than a little lucky in the 52 minute when the Freezers rang one off the post. The Adler missed their chance to seal the deal in the 54 minute when Mauer and Lehoux had a good chance on goal through a rebound from a Niki Goc Slap-Shot. The suspense mounted when Jamie Sifers went to the box a minute and a half before the final horn. Hamburg went all in pulling Goalie Niklas Treutle for a sixth attacker but Craig MacDonald hit the empty net with a shot out of the Adler zone to bring the game to its final end stand of 5:3.

ERC Ingolstadt vs. Adler Mannheim 1:2 (1:2, 0:0, 0:0)


2:1 Adler Earn Three Points in Ingolstadt
Just like in the opening game the middle of September the Adler were once again able to win in Ingolstadt in the first game following the Deutschland Cup break 2:1 (2:1, 0:0, 0:0). Supported by a strong showing from Dennis Endras the Adler were able to earn the needed three points. All goals were scored in the First Period. Steve Wagner’s go ahead goal was followed by a tying goal from O’Connor, Yanick Lehoux scored the game winner.

The Adler had an optimal start following the Deutschland Cup break. The game was only 73 seconds old when Steve Wagner recognized that the Ingolstadt goalie could not see the puck due to all of the traffic in front of the net. He took a shot at the middle and the puck slid between Panther Goalie Janka’s pads, giving the Adler an early lead. The Panther, who were close behind the Adler in the rankings answered with pressure on the Adler goal. Dennis Endras was able to hold for the first few minutes but in the 7 minute he was powerless to stop Ingolstadt from tying the game. Ingolstadt took advantage of a Power-Play situation to tie the score. A good minute and a half following the tying goal Yannick Lehoux sank the puck on a breakaway to once again put Mannheim in the lead. Following Lehoux’s goal the Adler were able to bring the game under control and the Panther were not able to get much through the Adler defense.

The Panther started the Second Period with a lot of energy attempting to tie the score. Dennis Endras was able to hold the lead for the Adler. After the first phase of attacks from Ingolstadt was past Mannheim started their own series of attacks on the Ingolstadt goal but both goalies held strong and kept the game close. The last period was similar to the Second, Ingolstadt attempted everything to bring the puck forward but the Adler defense remained stable. Frank Mauer had a big chance to give the Adler a 3:1 lead but his shot was unable to find its way in goal. Shortly before the final horn Rich Chernomaz pulled Janka for a sixth attacker but to no avail as the Adler held on to win the game.

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