Steve Wagner scored the second Adler goal.

Adler Mannheim vs. Hannover Scorpions 2:3 OT (0:0, 1:0, 1:2, 0:1)


Adler Lose against Hannover in Overtime

The Adler were only able to earn one point against the Hannover Scorpions on Sunday. By a score of 2:3 they lost (0:0, 1:0, 1:2, 0:1) in front of a home town crowd of 11,137 in the SAP Arena. Craig MacDonald and Steve Wagner scored for the Adler while Regan, Wilhelm and Fauser scored for Hannover.

The Adler controlled the tempo from the start on against the Scorpions but were unable to create many scoring chances. What chances did develop were stopped by Hannover Goalie Dimitri Paetzold. Dennis Endras in goal for the Adler also stood solid for the few sporadic shots the Scorpions were able to put on goal. The score remained 0:0 at the first break.

The Second Period could not have started better for the Adler, Craig MacDonald scored early (21 minute) but Even with the early goal the Adler were unable to break the game open as Hannover remained strong on the defense and became increasingly dangerous on the offense. Hannover had a few good chances on the Power-Play but Endras held and the Adler went into the Second break with a 1:0 lead.

At the start of the Third Period the Adler appeared to play with a lack of concentration as they gave away the puck while on the Power-Play and Hannover was able to tie the score on an odd man rush while Short-Handed (42 minute). Stephan Wilhelm scored just three minutes later to give the Scorpions a 2:1 lead over the Adler (46 minute). After Hannover took the lead the Adler finally woke up and started to create pressure around the Hannover goal but Paetzold held strong. Finally in the 57 minute Steve Wagner scored a Power-Play goal from the blue line to tie the score at two. The game remained tied at the end of regulation. Gerrit Fauser gave Hannover the overtime win with a goal in the 64 minute.

Iserlohn Roosters vs. Adler Mannheim 4:2 (3:0, 0:0, 1:2)


Adler lose in Iserlohn 2:4

Friday’s game was decided in the First Period. Iserlohn’s three goals in the first twenty minutes from Giuliani, Tepper, and Wolf were enough to keep the Adler trying to play catch up the rest of the game. The goals from Ullmann to 1:3 and MacDonald to 2:4 came too late to have an impact on the final result.

It only took 30 seconds for the Roosters to have their first big chance. Michael Wolf was on the receiving end of a long pass out of the Iserlohn zone and with only Adler Goalie Dennis Endras between him and the net he shot wide missing on his first chance. For the next few minutes the game went back and forth with both teams playing offensively strong and with both trying to gain the upper hand but there were no real chances on goal as both defenses remained solid. Then came the somewhat surprising goal from Giuliani, which swung the momentum in favor of the Roosters. Following the Giuliani goal Trainer Doug Mason’s team took over control of the game and created more and more chances on goal. Shortly before the break Marvin Tepper scored the 2:0 and was followed one minute later, 20 seconds before the break, by the 3:0 from Michael Wolf.

The Adler tried to find their way back into the game during the Second Period but an early two man-advantage for Iserlohn allowed the Roosters to maintain the control and tempo that they had in the First. The Adler Penalty Kill remained effective and prevented the 4:0. The Adler were unable to really get their game under control in the Second. Iserlohn remained strong on offensive, attacking with a high tempo out of their zone but Dennis Endras kept Mannheim in the game by allowing no goals in the Second.

In the final period the Adler once again gave their all and put the Roosters under pressure but were unable to score. Mirko Hoefflin and Frank Mauer both had good chances that were ended by Iserlohn’s Goalie Sebastien Caron. It took until the 52 minute before Mannheim was able to score. Christoph Ullmann picked up a rebound and scored a Power-Play goal to bring the Adler to 1:3.Mike Glumac missed a big chance three minutes before the final horn. Harold Kreis pulled Dennis Endras in the 58 minute adding a sixth attacker. Iserlohn’s Michael Wolf scored an empty netter, reestablishing the Roosters three point lead. Craig MacDonald’s goal to 2:4 was only a cosmetic change to the end stand.

Ronny Arendt scored twice against Düsseldorf.

Adler Mannheim vs. Düsseldorf EG 6:1 (2:0, 2:1, 2:0)


6:1 Adler Defeat Düsseldorf

The 9,372 fans in the SAP Arena saw the Adler defeat the DEG by an overwhelming score of 6:1 (2:0, 2:1, 2:0). Ronny Arendt scored twice while, Mike Glumac, Mirko Hoefflin, Yannic Seidenberg, and Craig MacDonald all scored one goal apiece for the Adler. Felix Brueckmann had a fairly easy evening and the Adler were able to gain ground on the first place Cologne Haie who lost in Nürnberg.

The Adler played the game in jerseys from the championship season 96/97 in the first Traditional Night of season 2012/13. The Adler played with enormous amounts of offensive power forcing the DEG into their own defensive zone while the Adler delivered one shot after another on goal. The DEG can be grateful to their Goalie Bobby Goepfert that the score was only 2:0 after 20 minutes of play. Mike Glumac put the Adler in the lead with a wrist shot in the fifth minute. Ronny Arendt scored his first goal of the evening on a pass from Frank Mauer in the ninth minute raising the Adler lead to 2:0.

The Adler came out of the locker room in the Second Period and picked up where they had left off at the end of the first with heavy offensive pressure. Ronny Arendt scored his second goal in the 23 minute increasing the lead to 3:0. Arendt had his chance for a Hat-Trick but was unable to score on a Penalty-Shot. Bobby Goepfert had a strong reaction and was able to block the shot. A few minutes later Mirko Hoefflin was able to deflect a shot from Glumac making it unstoppable for Goepfert (31 minute, 4:0)). In the 39 minute Carl Ridderwall was able to put the DEG on the board and reduce the Adler lead to 4:1.

The Adler also controlled the Third Period but played a little more relaxed with not as much offensive power as their lead was never really in danger. In the 53 minute Yannic Seidenberg scored the 5:1 and a good two minutes before the final horn Craig MacDonald delivered the 6:1. The Adler controlled the game until the end and also won the two fights that occurred during the final period, Dominik Bittner against Carl Ridderwall and Shawn Belle against Travis Turnbull.

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