Adler Mannheim vs. Augsburger Panther 4:1 (0:0, 2:0, 2:1)


Convincing 4:1 win against Augsburg

The 9,763 fans in the SAP Arena witnessed a fast paced game with many chances on goal for the Adler as they won 4:1 (0:0, 2:0, 2:1) in a home game against the Augsburg Panther. Patrick Ehelechner in goal for the Panther had an excellent First Period holding the game at zero. Niki Goc, Hoefflin, Lehoux, and Kink scored for the Adler in the Second and Third Periods. Tobias Draxinger scored the lone Augsburg goal.

The game Mannheim vs. Augsburg was not a game against an underdog but a game against the second and third place teams in the DEL. After the 3:4 loss in Augsburg at the end of September the Adler were out to even the score. From the start on they applied pressure on the Augsburg goal. Niki Goc and Shawn Belle had shots from the Blue Line in the second and third minute, and Panther Goalie Patrick Ehelechner could not complain that he did not receive enough to do.

Much of the game was played in Augsburg’s defensive zone. Starting the middle of the First Period the Adler had some very good chances on goal. Craig MacDonald missed the goal from just outside the paint on a Power-Play in the 10 minute, followed by Mirko Hoefflin (12 minute), Marcus Kink (13 minute), Doug Janik (16 minute), and Matthias Plachta (17 minute)all of whom were stopped by Ehelechner. On the other end Dennis Endras was not near as busy and had to stop only two shots that were not really dangerous.

Right at the Start of the Second Period the Adler were rewarded, when Ehelechner had his vision blocked as Niki Goc fired one from the Blue Line giving the Adler a 1:0 lead (22 minute). Ronny Arendt and Craig MacDonald had the good chances in the 26 minute when Augsburg had a man-advantage. Dennis Endras also had some work in the Second as Sergio Somma showed up free in front of the Adler goal (29 minute) but Endras was victorious as he was again three minutes later against Kyle Helms.

Between Augsburg’s two good chances Mirko Hoefflin put the Adler up by two (30 minute). Yannic Seidenberg (36 minute) and Yanick Lehoux (38 minute) had two more chances for the Adler but were stopped by Ehelechner.

Yanick Lehoux five holed Ehelechner in the 54 minute giving the Adler a 3:0 lead. The Adler had several more good chances on goal but the Augsburg Goalie held. Tobias Draxinger scored for Augsburg in the 56 minute ending Endras’s chance for a Shut-Out. Marcus Kink restored the Adler’s three point lead in the 58 minute bringing the game to its final score of 4:1 for Mannheim.

Mike Glumac scored the 3:2.

Mike Glumac: “I’m feeling good at the moment!”


Mike Glumac is in very good shape: The forward has scored seven goals and four assists so far. His last goal was the very important third strike against Wolfsburg moments before the end of the game. Mannheim won the game 4:2. We met with Mike after today’s practice and asked him about the last game, his shape and the next match on Friday against Augsburg.

Mike, Congratulations on your goal against Wolfsburg. You scored the very important third goal on Sunday. Do you remember the situation?
Yes, Marcel won the face-off for us and Niki Goc got the puck at the blue line. Niki gave me a great pass and there was a lot of traffic in front of their net. Marcel and Craig did a perfect job, so I had a bit of space, tried a shot and it luckily it went in.
What do you think about the whole game against Wolfsburg?
It was tough against them. They played well and had some good chances but we were able to limit their scoring chances and Dennis Endras also played a very good game. In the end we brought a lot of pressure on their net and were happy to score those two goals shortly before the end of the game.
The team had a lot of scoring chances against Cologne and Wolfsburg. Why is it so difficult to score goals at the moment?
I think it’s a problem when you are not getting scoring chances. If you keep getting chances, soon or later the puck will go in. We have to remember that, keep doing what we are doing and sometimes we could use a little bit more luck in front of the net.
You’ve personally scored seven goals and four assists so far. You seem to be in good shape at the moment.
Yes, I feel good. I’m happy when I can help the team win as many games as possible. That’s the most important thing for me. Hopefully we can continue to do that.
The next game is on Friday against Augsburg. What do you expect?
I’m sure that it will be a good game on Friday. They beat us down in Augsburg, so we know that they are a good team. They skate well and they have some really good forwards. Last time in Augsburg we had a little bit of penalty trouble, so we have to limit that. It’s important that we play our game and I hope it will be a successful evening for us.

Adler Mannheim vs. Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg 4:2 (2:1, 0:1, 2:0)


Mannheim Beats Wolfsburg 4:2

After an even First Period the Adler were the better team over the last 40 minutes but it took two goals in the last 73 seconds from Mike Glumac and Marcus Kink to secure the win against the last place team from Wolfsburg.

The Adler took the lead early against the last place Grizzly Adams with a rap around goal from Marcel Goc after only 81 seconds of play. He caught Wolfsburg’s Goalie Sebastian Vogl off guard and gave the Adler a 1:0 lead. The Grizzly Adams did not let the early goal knock them off their game and were rewarded with a goal from ex-Adler Nico Dimitrakos in the fifth minute as he scored out of the confusion in front of the Adler goal. Trainer Pavel Gross team played strong and chances on goal were produced by both teams. The tied score at the middle of the First accurately reflected the action on the ice. In the 16 minute Doug Janik put the Adler back in front with a Slap-shot from the blue line.

In the Second Period the Adler demonstrated their superiority and it started to show that Pavel Gross could only play with three lines. The Adler had many good chances on goal and Sebastian Vogl got lucky in the 25 (twice Mauer), 27 (Goc), and 28 Minute (twice Sifers) that an Adler was unable to get to his rebounds as he was unable to hold onto the puck. On the opposite end Dennis Endras held on a breakaway from Aleksander Polaczek (26 minute, shorthanded) but gave up the 2:2 tying shot from Vincenz Mayer.

The Third Period looked similar to the Second. The Adler were the better team and had phases where that applied an extreme amount of pressure on the Grizzly Adams goal but somehow the puck would not go in. Wolfsburg remained dangerous on the counter attack including in the 45 minute when Kai Hospelt rang one of the post but besides the counters they were reduced to playing defense. 73 seconds before the final horn Mike Glumac placed a shot in the corner of the Wolfsburg goal from about five meters out. Shortly before the end Marcus Kink sealed the deal with an empty netter bringing the score to the final of 4:2 Mannheim.

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