Kölner (Cologne) Haie vs. Adler Mannheim 3:1 (1:0, 1:0, 1:1)


Adler lose in Cologne 1:3

The top game between Cologne and Mannheim was as promised a top game played with a lot of emotion where both teams had to battle for every inch of ice. Although Mannheim controlled the puck more they were unable to bring any points home from Cologne. Cologne’s three goals were scored by Robinson, Ticar, and Mueller while the lone goal from the Adler was scored by Marcel Goc.

The Adler applied pressure early on the DEL top team and created a few good chances starting from the first minute but Youri Ziffzer in goal for the Haie held strong. The Adler controlled the first twenty minutes but were unable to put the puck in the net. The Haie did a better job at that as Nathan Robinson scored a Power-Play goal in the 17 minute to give Cologne a 1:0 lead.

Robinson’s goal in the First Period gave Cologne the self confidence they needed. They started the Second Period with a goal in the first minute and half of play as Rok Ticar scored on a breakaway in the 22 minute to the 2:0. The Adler did not react shocked but continued to play the puck forward but in the Haie defensive zone they found it difficult to find a good opportunity on goal. Brett Breitkreuz received a 5 minute major plus a match penalty for an Elbow Check against Niki Goc but even with the man-advantage the Adler were unable to score.

Early in the Third Period Marcel Goc scored a Power-Play goal for the Adler bringing the score to 1:2. In the 52 minute it was again Goc this time with a chance to tie the score but Ziffzer held. The Haie were able to successfully prevent the tying goal. 49 seconds before the final horn Moritz Mueller scored an empty netter for the Haie to bring the game to its end stand of 3:1.

Adler Mannheim vs. EV Zug 5:4 (1:1, 1:1, 3:2)


5:4 Home win over EV Zug

The Adler ended their European Trophy Season 2012 with a 5:4 (1:1, 1:1, 3:2) win against the EV Zug. Adam Mitchell, Steve Wagner, Frank Mauer, Jaime Sifers, and Craig MacDonald scored for Mannheim and Zetterberg (2), Holder, and Brunner scored for Zug.

Felix Brueckmann was in goal for the Adler for the last European Trophy game of the Season. Adler Coach Harold Kreis was unable to use the following sick or injured players, Ken Magowan, Ronny Arendt, Dennis Reul, and Shawn Belle. Florian Kettemer played for Belle.

Mannheim tried to take control early wanting to achieve a good result in the last game of the European Trophy regular round. Adler Captain Marcus Kink had the first good chance in the seventh minute but got hung up on a stick in front of the empty Zuger goal. Henrik Zetterberg scored first to the 0:1 for Zug. The 32 year old Zetterberg along with Switzerland top scorer Damien Brunner and Swedish Linus Omark played a top game and were a constant danger in front of the Adler goal. Adam Mitchell, while lying on the ice poked the puck into the goal to tie the score.

In the Second Period Glumac had a good shot that was gloved by the young keeper Kunoen, shortly thereafter Felix Brueckmann also had a glove save against Martschini. With a man-advantage Steve Wagner scored from the blue line in the 34 minute to 2:1 Kuonen let the puck slide through. On the other end Josh Holden also with a man-advantage scored the 2:2 just before the break.

The Third Period was blow for blow; Frank Mauer gave the Adler a 3:2 lead with a slap-shot in the 45 minute, Jamie Sifers 4:2 in the 48 minute. Zetterberg 4:3 on the Power-Play in the 51 minute, Craig MacDonald also on the Power-Play 5:3 in the 54 minute and Damien Brunners with the 5:4 end stand in the 59 minute with six attackers on the ice. Kunoen remained out but Zug was unable to score again to tie the game.

Yanick Lehoux scored with the last penalty.

Hannover Scorpions vs. Adler Mannheim 3:4 in Penalties (1:2, 0:0, 2:1, 0:0, 0:1)


Adler Earn Two Points in Hannover – 4:3 in Penalties

The Adler win in Hannover in Penalties 4:3 (2:1, 0:0, 1:2, 0:0. 1:0). Yanick Lehoux scored in the second round of Penalties to give the Adler two points in Hannover. After 60 minutes of play the score was 3:3. Mauer, Hoefflin, and Marcel Goc scored the three Adler goals.

Mannheim started strong in Hannover, after just 129 seconds Yanick Lehoux and Frank Mauer used a breakaway chance to bring the Adler into the lead 1:0. Lehoux brought the puck over the right side into the Scorpions defensive zone and had a perfect pass in the middle to Mauer who shot the 1:0. A good three and a half minutes later the young Mirko Hoefflin had his debut, on a pass from Dennis Seidenberg he shot a well placed shot to 2:0. It was his first DEL goal that brought the Adler out in front 2:0. It took the Scorpions a few minutes to overcome the shock of the early Adler goals but with a man-advantage situation in the 13 minute they struck back on a shot from ex-Adler Scott King. The Adler took a 2:1 lead into the locker room at the break.

The Second Period was scoreless with few highlights. Hannover had more puck possession but Dennis Endras had little to do. The Scorpions defense was in control. Mannheim did not have Hannover under control at the start of the Third Period. Alexander Janzen took an exact pass from Sascha Goc and had a breakaway on Dennis Endras, he placed a flat shot under the Adler Goalie to tie the game at two. The tying goal gave the Scorpions the self confidence they needed to remain on the attack. Another Power-Play situation in the middle of the third gave Sascha Goc the opportunity to bring Hannover in the lead for the first time in the game. A few minutes later it was Mannheim’s Marcel Goc that beat his brother Sascha in a one-on-one situation and backhanded the puck into the Scorpions goal, scoring a Short-hander for Mannheim and re-tying the game. At the end of regulation the score remained 3:3. After a scoreless overtime the game continued into penalties which Yannick Lehoux decided for the Adler in the second round.

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