Matthias Plachta is Mannheim’s Player of the Month for September 2012


With four goals in the first six games - the decision was not hard: The fans of the Adler Mannheim voted Matthias Plachta as the Player of the Month for September. The 22 year old scored the game winner in Ingolstadt and scored again in three of the five remaining games in September.

Plachta won the vote ahead of Dennis Endras and Yanick Lehoux.

The only goal for Mannheim scored Matthias Plachta.

Adler Mannheim vs. Krefeld Pinguine 1:5 (0:2, 1:0, 0:3)


1:5 Home Game Loss to Krefeld

The Adler suffered a hefty 1:5 loss on Friday evening against the Krefeld Pinguine. Matthias Plachta scored the lone Adler goal at the end of the Second Period but Driendl, Ostwald and Schymainski assured a Krefeld win with their goals in the Third.

The Adler played without the injured Ken Magowan and the ailing Denis Reul. Mannheim started the game with a fast tempo and had their first chances in the third minute, first Yanick Lehoux sent a shot high left over the goal and then Niki Goc had a good chance but got hung up on Krefeld’s Mitja Robar. The two shots were the start of a good offensive phase for the Adler but Dennis Endras in goal for the Adler also had his share of work in the first ten minutes as Krefeld remained strong in the Adler defensive zone. Shawn Belle had the chance to score the go ahead goal after ten minutes with a hidden shot but Krefeld’s Goalie Scott Langkow blocked it with his foot. On the other end two minutes later Dennis Endras had a similar scene from Boris Blank but it landed in goal for the 0:1. A minute later Mitja Robar also found the back of the Adler net scoring the 0:2 and knocking the Adler completely off of their game.

In the Second Period there were phases where both teams played a high paced high class game. When Krefeld’s NHL Star Christian Ehrhoff was in the box with the only penalty of the first 40 minutes, Craig MacDonald missed a chance from just outside of the crease. The game went back and forth with neither team having any real chance on goal until the middle of the period when things started to heat up again. Francois Methot and Mark Voakes had a two-against-one breakaway but were unable to score the third Krefeld goal. Shortly thereafter Langkow held against MacDonald. A good three minutes before the end of the Second Period the Adler received a glimmer of hope when Matthias Plachta scored from the blue line to 1:2.

At the start of the Third Period Andreas Driendl scored a Power-Play goal for Krefeld (1:3) followed by goals from Elia Ostwald and Martin Schymainski. With Krefeld in the lead 5:1, Mannheim was finished with nothing left to give.

Matchwinner Frank Mauer.

Adler Mannheim vs. Düsseldorfer EG 2:1 in Overtime (1:0, 0:1, 0:0, 1:0)


2:1 Overtime Victory Against the DEG

Mannheim played without the injured Ken Magowan, who suffered a fracture of one of the bones in the eye socket during the game on Friday in Hamburg. Both Felix Brueckmann in goal for the Adler and DEG Net Minder, Robert Goepfert had a fairly quiet first period. The Adler looked good optically but as soon as they reached the opponents blue line they were in for a physically robust and strong defense, which smothered their chances on goal.

The first Adler chances on goal that were worth mentioning came in the 15 minute (Yannic Seidenberg, with a near miss) and 16 minute (Niki Goc, over the crossbar). Mannheim did not wait long in the 18 minute with two Düsseldorfer in the box, after only 14 seconds Christoph Ullmann scored. He took a rebound off the post and put it behind the line to score the 1:0. On the same Power-play Yannic Seidenberg, Frank Mauer, and Mike Glumac missed their opportunities to score the 2:0.

In the Second Period Ronny Arendt had the first Adler chance in the 23 minute but Goepfert held. A minute later with Niki Goc in the box, Carl Ridderwall picked up his own rebound and scored the 1:1. Yanick Lehoux missed an empty net in the 31 minute during a Mannheim Power-play, followed by a chance by Ullmann that was stopped by Goepfert. Denis Reul hit the post in the 39 minute. Shortly before the second break Shawn Belle successfully stopped Travis Turnbull who had a breakaway situation but it cost Belle two minutes in the box. Brueckmann held against Turnbull as well as the follow up shot from Ridderwall.

The Adler had a little luck and withstood the fist shorthanded situation in the Third Period. Janik (55 minute) and Ullmann (60 minute) had the best chances on goal for the Adler but the game winner did not want to come in regulation.

Frank Mauer scored the 2:1 and game winner in Overtime. He stared from the boards working past two defenders and backhanded the puck into the goal past a defender who was effectively blocking the view of Goepfert.

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