Ken Magowan Out for a Longer Time Period


Shortly before the end of the game in the 1:2 loss to Hamburg, Ken Magowan suffered a break in the bone at the bottom of the eye socket. He is scheduled for surgery in the next few days.

Magowan unluckily caught a stick in the face causing two lacerations one over and one under the eye. In addition he suffered a hematoma to the eye and a break of the bone in the bottom of the eye socket. Immediately following the game he was taken to a hospital in Hamburg. He will continue to have tests run on Saturday. A concussion has not been ruled out at this time.

It is still unknown when Ken Magowan will be stable enough to be transported. It is also not known when the surgery will be carried out. Those questions will be answered in the upcoming hours and days.

We wish Ken a speedy and complete recovery.

Scored his first goal for the Adler: Marcel Goc.

Hamburg Freezers vs. Adler Mannheim 2:1 (1:0, 0:1, 1:0)


Adler lose in Hamburg 1:2

The debut from Dennis Seidenberg ended in a 1:2 loss for the Adler to the Hamburg Freezers. In an intensive and hard fought game, the hometown Freezers came through with a win. The lone goal for Mannheim was scored by Marcel Goc in the 25 minute.

Things did not seem to want to come together for the Adler during the first period in Hamburg. The Defense played well even with Dennis Seidenberg in the lineup for the first time. The Freezer were the more active team, though they had few real chances on goal, even their Power-Play offered little chance for success. Hamburg, with the NHL’s Jamie Benn (Dallas Stars) for the first time, took the lead in the 12 minutes. Colin Murphy deflected a shot from Roy making in unstoppable for Dennis Endras, in goal for the Adler. The Freezers took the 1:0 lead into the first break.

What had not worked in the first period, started to click for the Adler in the second. They were able to win the initiative more often and create solid chances. One of which Marcel Goc was able to take advantage of in the 25 minute when he pushed the puck over the line, scoring his first goal of the season and tying the score at one. There were more chances in the second for both teams but Goalies Endras and Kostchnew prevented any further damage, and the score remain tied at the break.

Both teams started the last period with a concentrated defense, nobody wanted to make the first mistake, so there were few chances on goal for either side early. It took until the 50 minute mark for that to change, unfortunately not for the good of the Adler. Hamburg picked up the tempo, creating enormous pressure on the Adler defense. The pressure paid off for the Freezers in the 55 minute when Jerome Flaake shot Hamburg to a 2:1 lead. In the remaining time Mannheim tried everything including pulling Endras for a sixth attacker but they were unable to re-tie the score. The final score 2:1 for Hamburg.

Mike Glumac scored two goals.

Adler Mannheim vs. Iserlohn Roosters 5:0 (0:0, 4:0, 1:0)


5:0 victory at home against Ingolstadt

With a 5:0 victory against Ingolstadt, Mannheim continued their successful season and continue to breathe down the necks of the first place Cologne Haie. After a scoreless first period, Arendt, Glumac, Mitchell, and Mauer scored in the second, and Mike Glumac scored again in the third period to bring the final to 5:0.

Two days after their 4:2 win on the road against Munich, the Adler once again took the initiative from the start. In the first minute Crag MacDonald tested the Roosters Goalie Sebastien Caron. Only while shorthanded in the third and fourth minute were the Adler knocked out of their rhythm, besides that they were overwhelming in both their technical game and in the man-on-man situations and they kept the Roosters defense busy. Adler Captain Marcus Kink had the best chances for Mannheim in the first period, in the 10 minute he had a shot from around four meters but failed to score and one minute before the break he had a direct shot on Caron.

Kink’s chances continued in the second with an early backhand shot. In the 24 minute Ronny Arendt had one defender between him and the goal and five-holed Caron to give the Adler the 1:0 lead. The Adler had just with stood and Iserlohn power play when the Roosters overlooked an Adler line change, Craig Macdonald passed to Mike Glumac who was coming from the bench, Glumac placed the puck easily passed Caron under the crossbar for the 2:0 (27) minute. Ullmann had a good chance in the 28 minute but it was Adam Mitchell that scored with a man-advantage finding the hole between Caron and the post, 3:0 (30 minute). Four and a half minutes later Frank Mauer scored the 4:0. Mannheim’s Goalie Dennis Endras was only truly tested once in the entire second period, by Marvin Tepper in the 35 minute but had not problems keeping his cage clean. Two minutes later Marcus Kink had the chance on a penalty to score the 5:0.

During the first power-play of the third period it took a whole four seconds before Mike Glumac scored the 5:0. Glumac’s second goal was the last of the game. Iserlohn’s Goalie made several more good saves keeping his team from suffering an even higher loss. Dennis Endras was able to celebrate his first shut-out of the season.

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