Frank Mauer scored the first goal for the Adler.

ERC Ingolstadt vs. Adler Mannheim 1:2 (0:0, 0:1, 1:1)


Successful Season Start – Adler earn three points in Ingolstadt

The Adler started the new season on the road in Ingolstadt and earned the first three points of the year. Frank Mauer and Matthias Plachta scored for the Adler, while Dennis Endras delivered a strong performance giving the Adler Defense the needed backup

The teams started the first period out carefully, neither wanting to take unnecessary penalties and both set up a strong defense. This worked well for both sides as the 3,533 fans in the Saturn Arena did not see many chances on goal in the first, even though the game was hard fought and physical.

In the second period the Adler successfully attempted to take the initiative and came closer and closer to Markus Janka, in goal for Ingolstadt. In the 26 minute the wait was over, Yanick Lehoux stole the puck in Ingolstad’s defensive zone passed it to Frank Mauer who put it in the back of the net. Two other big chances for the Adler in the second from Mitchell and Seidenberg were unsuccessful. The Panther also had their share of chances on goal but Endras was able was hold. A one point lead after 40 minutes was acceptable.

The Adler seemed a little tired at the beginning of the third period, allowing Ingolstadt’s new defender, Tim Conboy to quickly tie the score with an ice-cold shot in the corner. The Adler did not panic, quickly retook the initiative, and promptly regained the lead on a shot from Matthias Plachta that Janka let slide through – 2:1 for the Adler after 46 minutes. Ingolstadt played hard attempting to tie the score, their best chance came from Tyler Bouck as he rang one off the post. The Panther pulled Janka for a sixth attacker in the last couple of minutes but were still unable to tie the score before the final horn.

SC Bern vs. Adler Mannheim 4:3 (penalties) (1:1, 2:0, 0:2, 0:0, 1:0)


The Adler lose to Bern in penalties

By a score of 3:4 (1:1, 0:2, 2:0, 0:0, 0:1) the Adler lose to the SC Bern in the game for third place in the Team Cups in Kuesnact. After MacDonald tied it up in the first, Doug Janik’s and Christoph Ullmann’s goals in the third were able to re-tie the score and send the game into overtime and then into penalties. Bern sank four from five penalties beating Mannheim who only scored three.

Both team lost their first game of the competition and were playing for third place in the Teams Cups 2012. Bern had the better start taking the lead in the eleventh minute but Craig MacDonald tied the score 24 seconds later.

In the Second Period, Bern once again had the better start and retook the lead on a goal from Scherwey. After a disagreement in front of the Mannheim goal the referees sent Shawn Belle, Marcus Kind and Yannic Seidenberg to the showers but only sent two players from Bern. On the following man-advantage Bern scored again increasing their lead to two.

The Adler did not give up and in the third period Doug Janik scored bringing Mannheim to within one. The Adler with stood a Bern double power-play, Felix Brueckmann played a strong game and was voted player of the game. With 30 seconds left to play Christoph Ullmann tied the game.

After a scoreless overtime, the game went into penalties, where Bern shot one goal more than Mannheim.

Zürich Lions vs. Adler Mannheim 3:2 (1:0, 1:0, 1:2)


The Adler lose to the ZSC Lions with a score of 2:3 (0:1, 0:1, 2:1). Behind 0:2 after 40 minutes of play Plachta and Ullmann tie it up within 48 seconds in the third but Zürich’s Baltisberger scored the game winner eight minutes before the final horn.

The 500 fans in the Ice hall from Kuesnacht saw and intensive game, with a lot of checks, one on one battles, and action in front of the goals but even with several power-play chances the puck would not go in. Both Goalies did their best to make the life difficult for the opposing offense. Mannheim’s Dennis Endras allowed one goal from the Lion’s Wick in the 18 minute, Wick had an open shot that Endras was helpless to stop.

The Second Period was similar to the first, with both teams playing a high tempo, high energy game. The referees from Switzerland appeared not to like the high contact game, they sent Reul and Glumac from Mannheim and Bastl from Zürich to the showers with game misconduct penalties even though the reason why was not quite clear. Unlucky for the Adler nine seconds before the break Zürich scored for a second time on a goal from Ambuehl.

With a double strike in the third, the Adler tied up the score, when Matthias Plachta and Christoph Ullmann scored goals that were within 48 seconds of each other. Zürich refound their defense and closed down their zone. Just six minutes after the tying goal the Lions regained the lead and held it for the remainder of the game. Even pulling Dennis Endras for a sixth attacker was no help as the Adler were unable to score the tying goal.

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